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Got Animaniacs DVD?

The Animaniacs Petition

The above link is a petition that can be signed in attempts to get the WB, or Steven S, to release on DVD, the Animaniacs collection (or just one season, I am not going to be greedy here). This cartoon is quite possibly one of the funniest cartoons ever created. While it is great for kids, there is plenty of great stuff for the adults, also. It is done tastefully enough that it is not insulting for the younger croud. The plot for most episodes are well well done, that with all the actual TRASH on DVD being released over and over, this is something in the mist that can make up for at least some of it.

You can link to this entry at

I ask that everyone post this in their journal, and on their web site. Anyone who has a yahoo account with some open cool links, post a link there also. Any other place, as long as you are not spamming, for spamming is so uncool. Just check out some of the HIGH-LARIOUS quotes at:

the IMDB at IMDB quote
Jame's Page quotes (while most are repeated at the IMDB, there are references to the actual episodes)

Read these, and you can see some of what makes this show so great.

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