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Madd's Log, Maddate 050523.17

-DVD movie: Old School
-return pad
-TV time
-ready for bed
-ready for day
-1430,work: no parking
-pop Whatever/Q: thinking JOHD info can possibly be damaging \ believes that the way I post my life for someone to me with me would be a loss of their dignity
-pop Ellen: Star Wars ep 3 and acting (or lack of)
-the reassurance Madd: (note thanks to actions of Ellen and Monica/Q)
-special project: CTS
-2300,return pad
-walk QT for WD-40

So we watched Old School, per Spark request.  It was good to see, as I have seen it a small handful now I believe.  I did not get to see it in theaters.  It was an early night, as Sunday/Monday gathers shall be now.  There was a girl in a car ealier who looked like she either was having sex in the car and stuff was flying out a window, or, she was being attacked by a nasty alien of some sort.  She was not there when I drove by, which is too bad, I wanted to watch, haha.

It seems I really made up for the lack of pooping for a few days.  Thank goodness everything IS coming out okay, hehe!!  Yet another captain's log sucessfully documented.

The conversation with Whatever/Q was... well... interesting, to say the least.  She had read th sex entry, and went on regarding a loss of respect and the like towards me posting for the entire world to see.  I have found it best, if people do not want me to talk about the actions that they do with me, that it may be a good idea not to do the action.  That part was not setting in on the conversation, at least, from my observation.  It was all about privacy, yet, the whole point to all of it is... if you are that ashamed and the like, then do not do it.  Of course, there are many humans out there big and small, old and young, who if going by that would not even be able to shower.  I feel if all humans went a week of writing down everything they do (including masturbation), and posting it on a web site, that people would cut down on a lot of the stuff they are... ashamed of?  Something like that.  It would be one thing if what I was doing was something no one knew of... however, now, people realize, if you do it, humans can know.  Doing it this way also keeps everyone in check regarding me.  I mean, I have nothing to hide in my life.  Also, while I apt to post my life now on line for all, these are my thoughts that I write FOR ME.  hEhEhE... ah yeah, that reminds me of a few million arguments with a few million humans.  Oh well... she also got into an honesty thing with me.  At some point, it seemed there was some sort of game being played.  That or possibility a manipulation.  Her questions towards the end a to how I felt about this and that type of question is what lead me to believe that.

I had a fun chat with Ellen as well.  Narg!!  Human bashing into my personna!!  {smack}  hahaha, anyway, we went into the acting, or therefor lack of.  It was similar to as what I was chatting with you before.  At some point, with Ellen and Monica/Q, I realized how much humans rely on self assurance.  I get asked questions, some times, by humans in general, in which part of the question clearly an answer is.  Imagine that insanity.  Hmm... maybe something to think of later.

Very early in the day, I got sent to do a special project for Professionalism.  It was due to my great computer knowledge, or something of that nature.

After work, I went home, and realized I am going to fix that damn lock since my LL does not want to.  So it was good to catch it at QT, the place that has almost everything.  Oh thank heaven... oh wait... wrong store, hahaha!  DON'T SUE ME!!

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