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Madd's Log, Maddate 050522.78

-SSBM/gc: Gem, Chris/Gem \ unplug controller to change rule settings on me very unpleased
-shmoke: couple hits
-lost mobile phone (hour looking for it)
-return pad
-not ready for bed
-ready for day
-cable movie: Italian Job \ minus beginning
-Sparked: weiner show
-shmoke: pull up hits

So, after dropping off some kids, I headed over to Gem's to play SSBM.  We would do so through most of the night.  dITZ was there and would leave putting it to just the three of us.  I have a thing about the pause feature, and before dITZ would leave, they would unplug my controller so they could change the settings, so I told them I was not going to play and they could do so themselves.  dITZ and I chatted a while instead.

During the play time, Melissa called, drunk.  We talked/argued a bit about a few of the things of the past, me mostly bringing up the email she sent when she gave me an oppertunity.  I made sure to only make comments when she attempted to pull something.  She also brought into the picture that it was her who broke up with me.  She is right, she did break up with me.  She broke up with me in a time I was feeling our relationship going no where, and I acted as such.  I would not expect her to stay in too much longer.  So I will officially peg it as a loss on my side, making two women who have broken up with me.  There were other things I brought up as well, such as her being too busy to talk to me and the like, and that she had nothing to gain from it, basically making it a waste of her time and the reason she stopped.  Unfortunately, the mobile battery would start to go dead, and that is not ever good news.  It is unfortunate as I wanted to continue the conversation.  I had a little drink in me so I was feistier than usual.

We played and played until Gem stepped out and it was me and her man.  It was light outside, and time to go.  There was a problem, however, phone was missing.  I knew the fact I had it, since I realized the chat I had with Melissa.  Unfortunately, the battery was dead.  So many things going my way, haha.  It was over an hour search, and about everything was checked.  I admit, I started to wonder if her man had done something with it.  Not that it would make sense, however, I looked everywhere and a day for it so I thought.  It turns out it was on the outside near the side of the house.  How it would have gotten there is beyond me, as I was no where near there.  Maybe God put it there... hEhEhE, who knows.

So I returned to the pad after a McD stop, as those McD sausage really are groovy.  I headed to the crapper as I ate and let it out at the same time, hEhEhE!  I woke up at a bad time, and I am not sure the reason.  I figured this would play part later.  So I was on my way to get food, even though I dislike eating some times.  I wanted to KFC something different.  I am very happy I did.  I went to do the usual X-Myles thing, and afterwards watched the remaining of The Italian Job.

So, when I parked to get Sparked, I decided to do something different than the full moon, so I whipped out my dick, and played with it in front of Spark's door.  hAhAhA!!  Yeah... different.  We would finish the day off with a CD Spark made, and I tell you, it was most excellent.

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