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Madd's Log, Maddate 050521.67

-SSBM/Gc: w Chris/Gem
-return pad
-dITZ over
-TV time
-pass out on couch
-not ready for bed
-bug pickup
-not ready for day
-movie day w Myles
-DVD movie: Octopussy
-movie: Star Wars ep 3 / w Randy
-LotR/pinball: high score 117,099,670 record!
-return pad
-movie Team America
-TV time
-cable movie: 13 Going on 30
-cable movie: Elf \ incomplete

So, I was pretty great fun playing SSBM.  What was really fun was owning Gem's man over and over again, mwahaha!!  I so rule that game.  None are close to my equal or better, mwahaha!!  I noticed, also, that I had a strange feeling in my throat.

So I started to head towards dITZ place, to find out that it is too late and she is coming over instead.  {sigh} I so rarely get visitors anymore, that makes me semi sad.  dITZ used me as a pillow.  I must say, how I can sustain a human over 400+ lbs is well beyond me, however I did it.  The only discomfort would have been my crappy couch.  A new house with new furnature may help that, dear brother!

I was tired and realized Myles would be over soon (seeing as it was 0430 or so).  So I went to bed.  At some point in the middle of the night, I woke up to a bad throat pain.  DAMNIT!!  I swear the majority of times I am sick I am having movie day.  Go finger that one out.  So, I actually woke myself around the 1030 time frame, and Mr Not Often was over right on queue.  After talking a little, it turns out that Mr NO had bronchitis, and since I shared his pop on Thursday, I most likely was fighting off what he had.  Yay for my immune system being so powerful.

After Bond, we went to Jordan Creek.  I heard the Cubs' game on the outside bar radio as we were going in.  I would end up going back out after eating at the Famous Wok.  Then Randy showed up, Cubs lost, and in for the second time to see Ep 3

I think I figured out what got me with this movie.  It is the acting.  It is nothing compared to Ep 4, 5, 6 even though it is well beyond 1 and 2.  There were great moments, however, and the evil Sith lord himself put on a great show.  Ewan M had some good moments also.  Our young Darth, however, I feel could have used some acting tuning.  A lot of the dilogue reminded me of some of the customer service reps I have delt with in my days, or heard next to me.

So after that, on for some quick pinball... oh did I say quick?  hAhAhA!!  I was wrong there.  It turns out that the force was strong with this one.  It was unfortunate, for Myles was there, and I did not want to keep him.  I guess that is the reason I left my 3 auto credits for getting the high score on the game.  MAN I ROCK!

So we returned to the pad to finish off movie day with Team America.  Expectations?  Very much so.  Were they met?  hAHAHA!!  Trey and Matt just hit that proper nerve that explodes a gut.  The way they hit the politically incorrectness was great.  Of course, it was NO WHERE close as great as the puppet sex, HAHAHA!!  Shit I almost crapped my pants again thinking about it.  I wish to own this movie.

Speaking of movies, after Myles left, I caught some cable as its days are short.  I was passing out on the couch, and 13 Going on 30 woke me up shortly after that big jump from one age to the other.  The pun is intended, as this would be the semi-female version of Big.  I am glad I did not pay to see it in theaters, as to me, if I was 13 one day and 30 the next, well... I realized in attempting to finish that statement off that I do not remember being 13, and most things up to 30, so, maybe I am not so far off.  Then Elf came on.  This was when I was finishing up my last entry to you, old girl (of which I realized a date err with Wed day being marked as Tue), and I must say, I only caught the first part, and it blew me away.  Expectations?  VERY much so, Wil is in it you get that automatically.  Were they met?  No... they were exceeded.  Of course, I have the last part to catch.  This movie made me think of Bevin, if only for a few.  I would not catch the movie for dITZ was over at Gem's place, and mentioned alcohol.  Oh yeah!!

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