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Madd's Log, Maddate 050520.57

-TV time
-not ready for bed
-passed out couch
-not ready for bed
-ready for day
-music play list for every mood
-1430,work: very early
-how CTS really works and what can be done to fix it
-Star Warish
-first DVD movie: The Wall
-knowledge is power, and I have plenty
-sling you hook
-2300,over to Gem's

So, in the grim insanity of my brain, I decided to veggitate on the couch, what I seem to do best when I have a billion things I wish to do.  I realized also that I had forgot someone Thursday night, haha!!  Well, enter the world of Maddness, Amba.  She was an interesting gal who seemed to speak her mind.  She was introduced by Mr Day, who I do not hear from much too many times.  Great stuff, so, that is what I was thinking.  I think it made me giggle.  So, to the crashing I would do.

So, I got up a little bit ealier than usual.  Whoohoo Maddness!!  Okay, and I got my food, and showered, and all that great stuff, heck, in time to catch a bit of TNG!  On my way to work, I realized... I was feeling much better.  I think it was the Salamander music, and it made me realize... go music!  I am not sure the reason I forgot about music, and the fact that it can heal so much.

So, during work, a wonderful video about... crap... I mean, they talk about customer service, and all I can think about is... can the humans who do not give that good customer service.  Hahaha!!  Okay, sure.

Sam/Q had a great idea about having movies play, so I did.  I realized this would be Raine's first DVD experience, so, of course, The Wall all the way.  After that, it would be Holy Grail.  How wonderful!  I was also thinking about knowledge and power.  I... unfortunately forgot exactly what brought the thought, however, I realized that a lot of people take knowledge for granted.  I realized that the most powerful being in the universe knows EVERYTHING.  hAhAhA!!  Yeah, that is right.  How great is that, so why do people make it so bad to know lots of stuff?  I mean, yeah, knowledge is dangerous, however, only due to the fact that some people want to be ignorant.  Narg!!  That is crap, how can we better our existance and the existance of others if we remain stupid?  How can we do techology if... oh crap, I hate technology, I might wanna think about that one.

So, after work I went over to Gem's.  I had some fun with some games, and I did shmoke a few hits, because I am still naughty like that.  It is all good, however, for I did not kill anyone, at least, not yet.  I also got some great music.  Mmm... Floyd.

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