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Maddate 050517.28

-return pad
-TV time
-not ready for bed
-passed out on couch
-ready for day: minus food (took to work)
-1430,work: forgot meter
-pop Whatever/Q
-pop Jennifer/Q
-pop Ellen
-Monica/Q teaches Madd a little on menopause
-2300,QT \ pad stop
-listen "Divine C Section \ Madd's Black & Blue Brown Eye"
-shmoke: pull up hit for Spark

No more intercourse until I am at least dating.  hEhEhE!!  I wrote it, now it is said.  Hey, JOHD... miss ya girl, I really do.  Track 5 coming up.  Spark just took a massive hit, I am rather impressed, however, I think it time to get back to work.  Get your game face on, rabbit.

Well, let's see, returned back from Wal-Mart.  Man, have I mentioned I hate construction?  Aye, JOHD, I said hate.  Aye!!  Anyway, let's see... 7 year commercial break.  Spark has a nice penis, I do not care what the flacide pictures attempt to lie.  So... I... POOP'ed, one of my favorite activities.  Fuck anal sex, just eat enough fiber to float a boat.  Well, I was chatting with Kitten for a bit, and unfortunately, I was slightly fatigued, so, after the call I never done darn made it to the bedroom.  I passed out, and that is how it goes for a Madd.  Laid back... so I woke up, as I have the 30+ some trips around the sun I have gone through.  While I stated that I had not gotten totally ready for the day, I *did* end up taking a buttload of food to work.  Form of... WAL-MART!!

So work, what the fuck can I say, my Maddness is what allows me to do what I have done since ten-four (99) good buddy.  I pop the usuals, including Kraber, who I gave no credit for, however, that phuck is doing yet another kid.  Bastard-o, I wanna knock someone up, hEhEhE!!  FLOYD!!  Excellent, anyway, don't apologize to Madd, apologize to God, the greatest in the land.  Oh yeah, during work, I went to and looked up earth, and it mentioned something about mortals living here or something, shit, I do not have access right now I will look it up later and post it.  Man, I thought, how wrong is that info, seeing as how God lives EVERYWHERE.  Stupid humans.  So, Jennifer/Q was not in her cray state, that was good, and Whatever/Q really enjoyed the extra Maddness that hath comith.  More on that Maddness after a word from our sponcer, or sponser, whatever's clever.  Or cleaver for that matter.

So, I gave a lot of thought about kids and the like.  I mean, it is getting more and more.  I remember fantasizing about Jill/Q and... oh wait, that is totoally unrelated, hahaha!  I tell you, that girl is just hot, and I hope her man is treating her well.  I keep wondering if she was in a different Reality if she would ponder the dating world.  Then again, anyone who is anything close to not eliminated I wonder this  I remember before Monica/Q and I got into her menopause thing that we got into the whole me and future thing.  Her talking about kids, and husband, and all that like, and me responding with the usual how is she so darn sure that I am going to be married.  She is dead serious when she talkes about it.  Yeah, well, I gave her a run down as to who I am, haha, for whatever reason, that girl requires a refresher course almost every day as to how I am who I am, and it is a strange and twisted fact.  Anyway, yeah, I have really been thinking about kids and relationships and the like of late.  Luckily whatever it was I was thinking 24 hours ago about the relationship world has greatly been forgotten, hahaha!!  So THERE, suck it, Trebeck.

Well, I decided to return Spark's message.  Even though he had called and not left a message, he did ealier.  I did a test, and when I have an extended absense greeting on there is only one way to bipass the message, and that is to be the owner and


com'on... now...


Ah the original 6.24... and I can type and sing at the same time, even thought I admit the typing is a bit slower than usual... at least I know




I can't take it, must guitare...



Oh... phucking... wow... JOHD, if ever you notice I phuck up that song, I am not me.  I am dead and my shell of a mortal remains has been taking over, so, ya got that?

So where was I?  ... put in the password.  So those crazies who call when I am so phucked up that a crazy message is put to be saved, well, if they go through the message, then, more to them... so many more points that it is just good as ham gravy.  That reminds me, I may wish to look into that who reward VM hing I was thinking about some time this waking day also.

So, I stopped by QT, since, I realized I was short vodka at the pad.  I went to the usual, showed my ID, and headed to Spark's.

He wanted me to pull up a hit, and man, his quote was absolutely classic, "I want you to pull me up a hit, but only if it is not going to put you in the hospital."  hEhEhE!!  That crazy Spark, he is so kind to me.  Well, I am not sure what he is on, however, I am sure it was rather good.  Oh yeah, some background things before we move on.

I have been massively thinking about the McD's girl, Ashley (minus spelling errors).  I can say this much, that... well, that is what I get for takig a commercial break.  I just wonder, you know, wow do I ever, haha.  The last few days I meant to go visit, and, I passed out.  You know where that leads, eh?  Great, for I do not remember and I have prune fingers... prune fingers?  What was I THINKING?!?  So yeah I have been thinking about her quite a bit.  I am guessing almost anything of a fantasy (that involes sex) or the like is due to this me being old crap that ticks me off, since, as much as I would like to have five children, that I also see the advantages of being single and fatherless for the rest of my life.

Maybe it's the insanity talking... I am not all that sure, however, yes sir sure. 


That pre-Numb makes me insane in the great way.

So, I went to get Sparked, and you know, I pulled up the hit and monitored my neck... it appears no trip to the hospital this time, tee-hee.  Then we listened to the tape in question, and I realized at Hotel Cal, that we had listened for I thanked my lucky stars on Sun that this was not William Hung, haha, and I bet Spark $20 that he could not guess the next song.  Shit, I still do not know what it was, HAHAHA.  That is great, just, totally, great.

Oh yeah, while I am done for the day, JOHD, important info...


Hiya, humans... I just thought I would let you all know, that phuck catch up and the like, this is where it lies.  Communication problems bring probles that I wish not to wait forever.  Oh yeah, at this point, I are writting thus for thee being human who is not human Madd, as are I human Madd.  This means, that, I write this shit for you punk arse crazies who want to read in my life.  I write this other for Maddness, so, I know where I go when I go to sleep and it not be the passed out and the pray variaty.  If it does not make sense, then you do not understand.  If you do not understand, then do not worry, you can ask I can tell you.  If that does not work, well... then it does not, and DO NOT PHUCKING worry about it.  I am Madd, a different bread of breed.


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