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Bat - JOHD

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Apr 26th, 2005

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14:04 - Bat
I always said that at some point if Alex were to be completely destroyed that I would eventually get over it. I think it was some talk with someone regarding my uncanny ability to not be depressed. Well, I think I found something that could put me in a long slump after all... the loss of who I am. Ghaleon served as one of the most active children I would ever have, rivaled only by Alex. I just realize what was all there with Ghaleon, however. Things that money just simply never replace. Hundreds of pictures... anything taken by the digital camera (including movies and the like), all of 2005 JOHD entries, all my finacial information, every email from the @madd74.com addresses (last known over 1000+), and some misc work that I had done. The thought of all that information lost forever, is simply devisating. I can only hope that the data itself is still around. It's funny... I would jump up and down if my $2400 laptop had to be utterly destroyed to save all the data. I would be my old self again. I would be so happy to have all that data again. Only the music is known to survive for sure, as that had been copied not too long ago. Maybe 3 or so CD lost (of which the CD themselves I still have). Yeah... if the music, all the Floyd, all the video game was added to that list, I most likely would have cancelled my email, got rid of the computer, and never use a computer again. It is bad enough losing all that info. My music collection spans over 15GB of info, of which some are rare things you just cannot find anymore. So, I guess today, I trek out to see who may be the one to save my mind from a meltdown.

On a side note, to the humans out there, I created a page http://madd74.com/bot.htm to verify when you get an email or IM from someone that they are indeed human. This page has a picture on it, and if you send it out and the person does not respond with "I Love Floyd" you are most likely talking to a computer and not a human. My one creative thing I attempted to do today in the wake of possible destruction.
Current Mood: melancholymelancholy
Current Music: "Fight Music" - Lunar (original Sega CD)

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[User Picture]
Date:Apr 27th, 2005 04:23 (UTC)
Awwww crap... *HUGS*

This sucks. I hope you can find someone to rescue your data. :(
[User Picture]
Date:Apr 30th, 2005 16:05 (UTC)
you and I both
[User Picture]
Date:Apr 28th, 2005 00:16 (UTC)
what exactly happened with ghaleon, if you know? if i had specifics, there are a coupla people i could ask in a search for possible fixes (or at least ways to get to irretrievable data). lemme know, and hopefully i can be a Helpful Girl? *big squishy hugs*
[User Picture]
Date:Apr 30th, 2005 16:06 (UTC)
most likely his hard drive went out... and i must hope to find someone who can save the data, at the least...
[User Picture]
Date:Apr 30th, 2005 22:45 (UTC)
maybe check with my brother-in-law erich (dunno if you'll remember.. he's the one i brought to see AvP).. he's lord_czernobog on here (sorry.. don't remember how to do the link-thingEE).
[User Picture]
Date:May 1st, 2005 07:47 (UTC)
eh, that is okay... i've decided the time for upgrade is here... who needs a house when you can have a new shiney laptop, eh? Guess that is what I shop for today :D
[User Picture]
Date:May 1st, 2005 20:19 (UTC)
well, i suppose if you *have* to go shopping for shiny new toys, there's no better excuse! woohoo!! *grin*
[User Picture]
Date:May 8th, 2005 20:24 (UTC)
yep! and another I did get, yum!

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