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Scotty, Get Me More Power!!

well... some time has passed and my brain is gone.  spark is... well, he took a pizza trip and it maybe a while before any of us see him again.  all is well, however, for I took plenty of pictures since God's copy is not to be for a while now.  "Madd Martin where are you at?" wow how nice of him to realize i am gone, even though i am gone on the couch, hehehe... i enjoy my new message, and all guys want is boobies, and no one likes the song selection i have.  no one rarely does, i think i will make a cd of 80 minutes of maddness.  well i was wrong again, the door was suppose to stay open... nice cool breeze i know personally this music i hear sucks... so i will tell you when i register the music, since, i know that none have my musical background, and all the better for them.  haha, madd death hit refused, not a surpise.  um, where was i?  Thank you for the power, Santa, no one else can give it, minus meself of course.

I cannot let Myles down.  Must... X-Files... later... for sure... mwahaha!!  I miss Myles, I wish to see him now.  I am like Gretl and I took so long to write that I am not sure what I am talking about anymore, hEhEhE!!  When did we start?  I got here at 2:38 PM CST, and it is 4:22 PM CST.  It matters not what humans think of me, it is what this human thinks of himself.  :D  Myles, Myles... I'm coming hooooOOOOooOOoOOOme.  Wow, a song I like.  Glad to get Spark where he is.  Yay to the government doing what it can to rape me.  I appriciate it.  Or as Mike/Q states, "I do not like to call it rape, I like to call it forced aggressive persuasion."

Ph Numb!!  Where am I?  6:24 PM haha!!  Okay time to change the tune to my Numbin' friend. 

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