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I'd Ask But He Will Not Remember

Wow, JOHD, being this fucked up usually humans get hurt.  hEhEhE!!  Ah yes, how great we feeled.  Too bad the 6 D batteries died.  Ohhh  ooohh  ooooooOOhh.  Agreed.  Spark is sure, as sure as I am fucked up.  hEhEhE!!  Track 15, the specials.  So special i forgot to capitalize their name.  This town, is something like a ghost town.  hEhEhE!! So much shit to do, and so little work to worry about, yeah baby!!  White lines, going thru my veins.  Oh!!  Spark attempts to walk, and he does, and he.. wait for it... makes it to the bathroom, and shuts the door!!  hEhEhE!!  I think we have vomit!  Let us see if we can check.  I guess Spark wants another bong hit.  Well, he *IS* my best friend.  Oh, and here he is, just like a Ghost Towen

Well, i was gonna say something, and OH!!  I do remember!!

Dear Lord,

I thank you for the many things you put in my life.  Wether it being molested by a family member, moving from the only place I could feel to love, running across the friends and family that I have, seeing the movie shoaun of the dead, pink floyd's the wall, clockwork orage, fried green tomatoes, the hulk, or doing meth, shmoking, smoking, drinking, listening to country, hearing Floyd for the first time, meeting Spark, hanging with Gretl, talking about going over to Myles, finding out how to masturbate since five, loving chicken and turkey, finding out what 69 meant, dating the evil one, mixing my first mixed (a madd driver), getting my first credit card, meeting my 14 year old babysitter denise who would want to be my first, learning to tie my shoes incorrectly, remembering how to count to 5, i thank you from the bottom of my heart, for everyone is happy now, and everyone shall be, and you great Lord, are the reason i and the world have what we have, and... by word i think spark might live thru this!  i have a copy of you, becore i owned a computer, and i am giving you a list of things to remember since i otherwise will not:

-everybody's happy noadays
-Gretl has changed
-Sewcute has returned
-fuzzy one is as others
-Bevin is knocking at the front door
-not often
-love is a dream, and i like to write things down
-life's an illusion and so is my toliot seat
-we are in trouble (so Spark keeps reminding me as he coughs his brains out)
-JOHD had excellent guest appearances
-Spark lost his balance
-me new phone toy is great
-ooooh i have two best friends
-OJ only murdered by request
-love is real but cost a dollar to produce
-crack lighters are hard to find
-hard men are good to find
-oh you make me live
-i dislike humans
-i love hanging with humans
-rosemary is better than maryjane
-that which i do not remember i will write down
-that which i do not write down i will not remember
-that i do not remember i will create on my own
-creepy fucking straight sicko strange oh shit yeah now
-alcohol will murder cheezUms
-Spark will pass out at 0211.48 and only say "oh shit" followed by incoherent stuff
-Madd will type much to forget it all and remember it in the morning or whenever else he sees fit
-all your base are belong to madd
-Spark will "smack" as he says over and over and over around 02:13.04
-he will also repeat "kinda fucking sick" as many times as possible (min of 7) before it is time to hit the bar
-madd will remember tri-center
-madd will geT hairs cut
-madd shall see shaun of the dead with more humans than another other human
-D battiers, six of them, will be trained
-pills will be used
-codes will be lost
-lovers shall be found
-holidays will be missed
-spam will be had
-virgins will be lost
-madd will be a little tea pot, if just for a day
-emails shall be wrote
-drinks shall be drunk
-spark will say the FUCK word
-madd shall document it
-i will get a special light that cracks heads could even be proud of even though "I am sorry" - Spark and "I am not as fucked up as you are" - Madd

amen, Lord

so spark does not know, and i am on track 21, coming with many different theories

here is the picutre, bit by bit


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