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Change of Pace

(wed 6pm) New York City? You know, with so many doing nothing more than talking smack behind other's back, I think it time to set a standard for doing the opposite, for the millions out there who are kind enough to do good things behind people's back, even when the peoples is Madds! JOHD, you know more than anyone, that I simply cannot stand those who talk smack to other people regarding a third party who is not around to defend their honor. I also know that for as long as I have known then, humans have talked plenty of crap about yours truly. In fact, my story to you provides as such.

I pay homage to D-PHANIE. The story takes place at BJ's some time of within the last few weeks. Our contestents, besides dITZ, are Gretl, Bevin, Arnie, and for the heck of it, Susan and Amy. Legend has it, that in her attempt to understand more about me, Bevin was chatting with Arnie, who at one point mentioned Gretl's life being damaged/destroyed or something else of that manner, which is where the apple of all this in the first place. Hmm... Pace commercial... NYC... Big Apple... haha!!  dITZ getting my APPLE iPod!  How cool... anyway, so, she steps in, in my defense (since I was on where in site), and basically lays the law down. Now, the big key here is that she is not doing it to anyone, she is doing it to a friend. Lots of humans would just keep quite of the situation as to not want to step on anyone's toes. dITZ took that risk, of irking the locals, to defend someone regarding miss information. Arnie had conituned, before dITZ could interject, about how I am the reason that she no longer comes around. hAhAhA!! First off, Gretl, like many others, hang out there on days other than Wed. I rarely go any other day than Wed, because my work does not really allow it well. To that, I think of OTHER people who have not made it out, and realize that the mean spirited way Susan and Amy are have caused quite a few people to not go to BJ anymore. I know thru a solid source that these two females have said plenty of smack about me when I am not around. I wonder if that is where Arnie gets his info. Who knows, and who cares. I care not about them, they shall not stop me from enjoying my time there, and what really matters is the positive aspect, a close friend defending another in the face of adversaty and improper spelling, mwahaha!! Boo to improper spelling, I tell you, boo!!

You know, so many people would live such better lives if they just stopped being so stupid and demening to others. Being stupid is doing things that can so easily be avoided. Walking up and hitting random people is stupid, for sooner or later you are going to hit someone packing heat on a bad trip mistaking you for a moth larva attempting to eat them. I have not exactly figured that one out, as to what about it (spreading crap) is so appeasing. I do know, humans do things for pleasure in the absence of pain. The saying "It is easiler to ask for forgiveness than permission" sums this up. People want pleasure, so they will do things so they can get the pleasure and if they need forgiveness, at least they got the pleasure, and of course, some just hide it up or don't talk about it hoping they never get caught. Crazy humans. I thank all the humans out there who have put possible issues with one friend to defend the honor of another against that one person. YAY for them all, I shall eat them last!! Or, first if that is what floats their boat, mwahaha!!  blargadoo is the way

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