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Re-directed Excitement

Okay, Maddness, riddle me the reason you would be so jump for joy in being able to email entries when anything you do it from would be via Ghaleon, and that he holds the latest version of Segamic in the first place?  What a strange and odd person you really are.  Well, laundry day failed, mainly because I totally spaced it off.  However, the new toys, especially bluetooth headset, are really up there in the happy department.  The lattés are helping.  I think I know why I see so many hot chicks come into this place... because they are all not able to go to the bar and stuff cuz they be under age, haha!!  Yay to you Myles getting e the Shaun of the Dead DVD... such a nice guy, who owes me over 2k... wee!!  I wanna potty so bad however do not want to leave Ghaleon unattended to.  What kind of MoM would I be if I did that?  Er, glass is full (of air).  Now the glass is full... full.  Optimistic all the way, baby.  Aw, how nice that the girl with a guy gave me a glance.  For shame on her.  Is that noise me or the place?  Oh, think it was RE, another great gift for myself today.  Crap I do not even know where the potty is.  Nutbunnies...

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