Madd Martin L Kroeger (madd74) wrote,
Madd Martin L Kroeger

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Funk You Much

hahaha!!  Check it, JOHD... I was gonna get work done, get caught up, all that wonderful stuff, and 4500+ files got uploaded to my web site.  My forum, according to the site, does not have things there that are there (or they would not have worked) so now I must figure out what in the heck it going on, and you know, I just totally did nto want this.  NARG.  I think I will smoke (her) this cigarette, and drink heavily, and think of all this crap I am to catch up on.  The good news is I do not think it is as virusy as I thought I was before, meaning that I do not think that anyone from my site caught anything.  However, as I sit here, moving all the files to my computer, I... wow, forgot what I was thinking, haha!!  How cool is that.

{note to HUMANS who use Madd's FORUMS}

I sent y'all a message, about a virus I thought that hit me, etc, blah blah, well, I do not think it is the same thing that is in that message I sent, so, do not freak out.  Still, board is down to protect since I have no clue what these 16 MB of 4K+ files are.  If you did catch something from me, well, then I can only say it is like real sex.  If you are gonna fuck something, USE PROTECTION AND DON'T BLAME THE PERSON YOU CATCH IT FROM.  hahaha!! drat this country crap... oops, wait


damnit... damnit damnit sun of a beach.  why, JOHD... I do nothing, and all I get are these freakazoid crazy people attemping to mess my stuff.  boo... okay, back to work fixing the world and getting drunk

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