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hiya girl - JOHD

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Jan 21st, 2005

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16:19 - hiya girl
how ya doing? i know, im sorry...

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Date:Jan 26th, 2005 16:19 (UTC)

hi back

i'm doing ok, but i don't think this was meant for me...how you doin'? i miss you...drop a line sometime and let me know you're still breathing...
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Date:Feb 24th, 2005 04:31 (UTC)

Re: hi back

yeah it was meant for my girl JOHD who takes better care of me than I do her. you miss me? aw, how sweet... i think maybe it is time we get in touch with each other other than this crazy blog journal on-line whatever humans call it thing. eh? still breating... shorter of breath, and one day closer to death :D
Date:Feb 28th, 2005 21:51 (UTC)

Re: hi back

united we stand
divided we fall

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