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Madd Live Report 0114

Master of Maddness, reporting live from a Spark joint.  Well... I done fucked up again.  Right now I am over at Spark's, catching up on crap and stuff.  No net connection, and luckily, everything I want to do can store and go when I make it home, assuming I do.  My attempts to end procrastination have gone two fold... first off, I am actually getting some things done.  Second off, my mind decided to totally not help me.  I have spaced just about everything off, especially things like emails and the like.  It is something I had hoped to defeat, and, well, here we go again, up and down alone, all my friends have gone... years ago.  So anyway, I got a cool new tool in attempts to take over the procrastination type race.  Welcome into the world of Ghaleon, Office 2003.  This is a nice little ditty I got for about $160 or something like that, love that OEM software.  Crap, got Nero for $5, haha!!  Outlook (not express) has some darn impressive features.  They are good enough that I think I can maybe keep up better than I was doing before.  I might finally have found something to get the email up to date.  Of course, haha, when you spend $150+ on a damn program, you are damn right I am going to us it.  All that video game training has paided off.  Spend shit loads on video games, and play them every damn day until they are taken care of.  The only problem is there is a large overwelming bit of info, and it is going to take me a few to get everything set up and caught up.  I thought I would start by doing what I have wanted to do for a long phucking time.  It is time to keep you, my flavorite of favorite, up to date.  I hope to have the info all done by the time I make it home.  Oh yeah, haha, JOHD, time for a public service announcement to the humans of the world.

{note to humans}

This is MY fucking brain YOU are invading.  You may have been given permission in some way shape or form to be here, however, YOU ARE "TRESSPASSING" INTO THE REALM OF MY BRAIN.  This is how I think.  This is how I figure things out.  This is where I show just how human and wrong I am, for I will state how I think X is lying, later, to find out I totally phucked things up.  This means, if I catch ANY of you bad mouthing or getting angry at what you read in here, that I shall bring forth the wrath of Maddness unto thee.  You will not like it, as I shall not either.  So do us all a flavor, and you see you in here, and strange crazy info, approach me nicely, say you want to talk about it.  Raise your voice, get snippy, pissy, or anything else that does not smell like flowers and colitas, pain will be served all around.


Ug, I tell you JOHD, why I get into humans like I do is well beyond my conprehention.  I just have no clue.  It had been getting a bit worse of late, and I will get into it more when I update you proper.  Ghaleon will tell you all about it, then, from there, yay!!  Happiness everywhere.  That reminds me, the pager is full, better go take care of business (0147a)



(0226a) hEhEhE!!  Cingular has taken over my ATT phone, finally... crap, how long have those bastards had the ATT service?  I find humor in this.  Much... I just turned it off, waiting for an important page on a full phone... and ... oooooh!!  This is another excellent Floyd song, wow, Spark makes some good picks I tell ya.  I know whaat I will do to get my page to work... okay... delayed reaction?  No problems, no issues.  beer good... works well with the shots, more work to catch with (0229a)

(0626a) damn this technology and it not sending out emails I create... crap to you all

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