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Bugs and crabs!!

Whoohoo!!  Caught a bug and got crabs, how great is that?

I am
Sofa King
Re Ted Ed

-lol- oh shit, I cannot stop laughing, even with my brains leaking out of my nose.  So, there I was, yet again channel surfing, and started talking to myself.  There I am again arguing with myself.  You know, being sick, that is no excuse for anything, really, I shall not tolerate it... on the same note, I am so taking your arse to bed.  Chicken... my place is eating things again.  I know I am not, I have no food in my place, mwahaha!!

So, hi, JOHD, what's going on?  Yeah yeah... you like, are a journal and stuff, heh heh.  Whoa!  My brain, on fire, FIRE!!  Wee!!  I love drugs, especailly when I am not doing any!!

Nooooo!!!  It's the evil rappin' cell car bouncing south side west side city behind us boost mobile commercial!  Wow, it took me so long to write that... that... it was gone before I was done.  I wonder if passing a stone can be like that?

I am so cold... I hope my crabs do not get cold.

"Take two and call us in the morning..."

"Yeah, we'll be drunk"

"Dude they are mooning us!"

"Impossible, we are the Mooninites"

-lol- SHIT!  I just saw this 2 hours ago and already I am about ready to piss my pants again.  What the hell did someone put in my orange juice?  Wow, I really am getting more loopy of late.  Sweet I can hear out my right ear again. 

"it's not a toy"

"you say that about everything you own, you should buy some toys"

It is just so wrong, so wrong, I watch and watch.  I guess I better get ready to do all that stuff that I am to do.

Sex, sex, sex.  All humans and everything obsessed with.  Humans I think it funny, as almost anything else, because you know, sex is a happen at the moment thing, and then it is over.  I think I really figured it out through masturbation... and alcohol.  It is similar to food, and... a few other things I cannot think of right now because something has contaminated my brain with inaccurate neuron firing, and dictionary tampering.  So... okay, I think about when I get the urge, and it is like, yeah, I want to do it.  DO IT!!  Then, I go and take care of business, and... well... everything is (usually) better.  I then think about several instances when I really really really liked someone, and how the thought of sex was stronger, and how some times the urge did not go away after the action of the deed.  CRAP!  I just realized!!  I have over 8 voice mails, haha, noooooooo!!  Damnit, I get to thinking of something, and get smacked with more other responsibilities to do.  Hmm...

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