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Golden Beaver Retriever - 0144p

"Yeah, it's a 50 caliber. They used to use it to hunt buffalo with. Up close! It's only legal in two states. This isn't one of them."

     Ahhhh!!  No!  The music changed to that horible Gradius III level, Easter Island, hahaha!  I like the music there, actually, but man, that level is just wrong.  Anyway, how are you doing, JOHD?  Kind of doing a few things different now.  I started yesterday, like making references to exterior things.  That way, 30 years down the road, when I look back at the wonderful things we talk about, I will know more of what we are talking about, because you know, some times you confuse me.  Plus, I am personally curious how long we talk to each other, so I thought I would add the start and end times.  Hey, I think I can get everything in this one!

I Almost Got out a Complete Thought

     Okay, so, Jennifer was over on Tuesday morning here after the chat.  Before she got here, I called her cell.  Nicole answered it.  It is starting to be kinda fun to talk to her.  She talked about her "fuck buddy", oh which I could have sworn she had 3 or something like that.  Well, I was debating the fact with her that Jennifer should have been answeing the phone.  Well, next thing I knew, Jennifer was walking through my door.  That sucked, no food.  We would chat a bit, and flirt in a way beyond flirting.  One of the conversations we would talk about was her school project.  Seems that everyone was overly impressed with the music selection.  Darn that makes me happy.  Well, Riede calls me, haha, time to go!  Master of Maddness, signing off 0252p......

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