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toasted 01100101

okay, well, for whatever reason, I am nuking people from my list... everyone... no exceptions, minus, those who either reply to this list, confront me on-line, on phone, or corner me in a dark ally. please note, if you do, have plenty of whipped cream handy... male or female, we do not discriminate over here. everyone else shall become a faded memory when I see fit for it to happen, most likely during katchup time, when everything is caught up to where I wish it to be, which I think, is like the start of 2003 to the start of 2005. Ha!! Only two years, hell, I have emails that I still am to reply to that are like 4 or so years old, so I think I can hack... correction, I *KNOW* I can hack this. If I have no clue who you are, as the human messaging me, or, if you seemed to have slipped out of my Reality to go about your own business, then, you shall be DRILLED as to what makes you so special to be on my list.

No, not a pompus ass... I am not smart enough to spell the word correctly. No, I am not better than you or anyone else. In fact, if that IS what you think, do youself a flavor and split, as in banana, as you obviously are too into YOURSELF to understand who the Master of Maddness is. After all, this is my darn special place, and I write, well, for me and me only. I only censor anything to protect others, for as much as I believe in freedom of speech, and freedom of exabition (and the inability to spell most words), I do not believe in disrespecting other people, even those who in turn are disrespectful themselves. What the fuck is today? Hmm... the 13th, well, gee, how about we aim for Christmas? Everyone toasted by then... weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

welcome to my newly confused world...

[edit** did I mention those who I feel have no right, or simply let themselves out of the loop of my life are going to get extremely "harsh" interactions with me as to what makes them think they belong to be on my list? hey, as much as you humans claim you enjoy and crave honesty, most of you CANNOT handle it, so BE WARNED]

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