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Dec 4th, 2004

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17:01 - Stingray
Well with that not so fun day less than a week away, I wanted to give props to a great friend of mine. Stingray. Thru much we have been thru, yes. He is one of those rare cases where he was lost (different state, lost contact info) and actually FOUND me. It is rare that humans do that. I know most people I attempt to find who are lost I cannot, usually due to their name being too common and me having no clue where they live (attempt finding a matt, i can assure you no easy task). Well he did find me and I was practically in tears of joy... (or maybe I was not, who knows stupid memory). He holds a few records I doubt will be beat. I use to talk to him on the phone for over 8 hours. Yes, boys and girls, Madd use to actually use a phone. Use might be an understatement. We would sing video game music and all that other wonderful stuff... and of course who could forget talking about his mother. I think Stingray's mother is possibly my favorite mother to talk about. That, of course, is another sad crazy story. Of course, Stingray grew up. He no longer sang video game music over the phone, instead, he does something amazing. He plays it on guitare. He plays much on guitare, and I tell you, his skills are that worthy of a magor band label. I say it not from bias and because he is my friend, for after all, I still do not lie. All one has to do is hear the man play, and I think that speaks well for itself. I wish him well, and I hope God blesses him thru any dark times that life may throw. I know, God threw him me.

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Date:Dec 7th, 2004 16:01 (UTC)


"sing video game music" - wow...you are most definitely my hero...how cool is that?...and i thought i only did goofy stuff like that...i tend to sing in the shower - waaaayy off key...love it...you rock, my fine feathered friend...
[User Picture]
Date:Dec 14th, 2004 10:55 (UTC)

Re: hey

i sing instrumentals often, especially Floyd and loved video game music

whoohoo!! thanks!
Date:Dec 15th, 2004 07:19 (UTC)

Re: hey

my son played me a tenacious d song yesterday from his ipod and billy (my son) explained that if jack black can't play a certain guitar part in the song, he will make something up that sounds like it - well, he did it in "wonderboy" and it made me laugh...
have you ever heard of a song called "hocus pocus" by focus or "frankenstein" by the edgar winter group? check them out and tell me what you think...
[User Picture]
Date:Dec 19th, 2004 18:56 (UTC)

Re: hey

I have Hocus Pocus by Focus, a rare halloween cut as well. I know Frank however do not own it, so the answer is very much so and yes.
Date:Jan 26th, 2005 16:30 (UTC)

Re: hey

wow - there's another version of "hocus pocus"? man, you completely rock!
[User Picture]
Date:Feb 24th, 2005 05:38 (UTC)

Re: hey

aye, i am not dsurre however i think they were at a concert or something and it was halloween or something
Date:Feb 28th, 2005 21:48 (UTC)

Re: hey


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