Madd Martin L Kroeger (madd74) wrote,
Madd Martin L Kroeger

The Road Leads to Nowhere

You know, JOHD, I am sick, tired, and fed up with humans.  I really am. While I am a human in my own right, the fact remains, I fucking call it as it is, and nothing other than that.  The more and more I have thought about it, the more I think of how I am sick and tired of how humans treat me.  The bored humans, that only call or want to hang out with me because they are fucking bored and all their human friends are tired and gone to sleep.  Thus, I am the only human left, by chance, and by elimination.  Also, those fucking humans who sit there and attempt to control and dictact everything that happens to their own personal gain.  The humans who would say anything in the world to get their own point across, as if I had a phone they wanted and it was a dire emergancy they had it and would give me fucking money they owed... yet... would not pay up, because they are just like any other self absorbed human who thinks only for the self, however, will say anything in her power to get whatever it is that she wants.  I am amazed, absolutely amazed, that I have not told every fucking human I know to go eat shit and die, for not a single fucking one has treated me right, and almost every single one, minus maybe one, has shown nothing but self revolving "it is all about me" over and over again.  Unfourtunately, that one person I know... well... there is enough problems to bury her in infinate insanity to never see her again.  I shall not put up with it any more.  I am sick of these fucking humans who think they could control the world and are just the top of the world and their shit does not stink.  I am especially tired, of those fucking humans who have a whole list of people they wish to be with, but when that list is asleep, they come to me, as if I am there to be the patsy.  No, no more.

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