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well the good news is...

... at the rate Renata is going, I shall have no problem in actually disliking her and moving on. Maybe it is part of her plan, or maybe she simpy thinks I am Jason and that she can pull this shit as if I was him. So I sent an email to her, in how I would sell my phone to her, and a few other things. She comes back with her bullshit attitude talking about how if I was going to barter the phone in the first place I should have said that. Does she not realize the email she sent? Do not ever want to talk or see you again minus the money owe, etc, etc. She sent that after I already had the phone, and I did so because I had a lot of pages I was taking off from there I wanted to keep. So she blames me, again, for a problem that was actually created by her. She tells me she is sorry she ever loved me, basically lays it down that she has no feelings for me, and THEN afterwards expects me to just GIVE her my phone, which depsite what she thinks is worth more than crap. Un flipping believable. Of course, not only do I get an email, I get a phone call telling me the same exact thing. Unbelievable.

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