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another one day

come christmas time, i will have an easy breeze. yet another friendship ended. As of 203a, Renata has ended our friendship. She did so on a note that at least answered many questions that I had. One of them being that she did nothing but shower me with lies on how she felt about me. She mainly did nothing but tell me what I would want to hear, things such as how I am more important to her than anything else in the world. If I am more important than anything else in the world to her, even her children, and she can say the most absolute evil things in the world that would put The Evil One to shame, then I would not want to see how she really would deal with the others who she cares for less than I. Of course she basically said to me things that her man would have said to her, only slightly different, so that added a very small precent as to what might have gone thru her mind when she was told what she was. The fact that the relationship was nothing more than a lie. I have no reason to take it from her, just as I have no reason to take it from anyone else. I can assure you, the friendship being ended was not anything asked on my part, and it was more than 110% clear. More on that later...

The ironic thing is the so called main reason was that I took something back from her, with her ranting and raving that I felt I did not trust her with it. If she would have taken two seconds to listen to me as opposed to thinking she has to get her point across, which is all she seems to want to do of late, she would have heard the real reason I took them in the first place. I shall have more for you, my friend, and close the book on this chapter, as I shall with Arwen, Melissa, and Robin/Q.

Man, I think I am still drunk, haha, I had a DREAM I was drunk I was so drunk :D

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