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"So I shall thank you anyway, for any time people admit there is some trust, and I am invoplved, it makes me feel... more than just good." - Madd Martin

I said this to a dear friend of mine, one who put some trust in me.  I think I wanted to tell you this, old friend, because I some times forget that one of the reasons I get distant or close to people is in regards to how much they trust me, and I do not mean in just say, since anyone can talk, however in how those really do.  I am always attracted to people, male or female, sexually or not, who can show an extreme amount of trust in me.  By theory, to this point any one I am in contact with me has no reason to not trust me, as I have not given any.  However, in the real world, every has their own definitions of truth, honesty, and what is that defines this world.  I think of some humans I have faced who to this day think if you withhold information back, that is lying.  Man, then everyone is a liar.  I cannot think of how many times a hair cut, piece of clothing, or what have you looked like crap, but why go and tell someone who would rather not know?  So many people just do not want to know information.  I think the ones I find out the most are when someone asks if I miss them, which in general is a "no" response.  Missing people may soon go to the same path boredom has gone, and I have not seen boredom around for a good 8+ years or so.  I think more so, "so what are you doing right now?"  hAhAhA!! hEheHEhEHeHeHeHee... if there is ever anything on this planet, regarding any question in the world, that the majority of humans wish they could take back when they ask me, it is that one right there.

It s funny, of late I had a conversation with someone dealing with if you lie about something, that it could some times make some things in life that much more easy to deal with.  Oh my I could not agree more.  The close to destroyed friendship with Renata, the problems with Robin/Q, and a handful of others, all possibly avoided if I simply up and lied.  How easy it could be, especially at this point in my life when I have learned so much about human nature.  I could easily fit into the bill of simply telling people what they want to hear.  I already fear Renata has fit into that bill, many times telling me things I would simply want to hear, as opposed to things that are real and true.  I know MJ, and a few others of late also fit this bill, simply telling me things I would want to hear, for I admit they are nice things to hear, however, when it comes down to it, I want blunt, truthful "hurting" honesty.  I call it hurting for when I have used it I have seen how hurt some people get.  For as a rule, humans WANT to be told things they want to hear.  I do applaud you, Sir Maddness, for not giving into lies, even though I will admit a few times I have caught you walking a very thin line of truth and exaggeration.  I use to live with exaggeration back when I first started to kick lying.  I shall not have it, however, so to avoid it, make sure any possible misunderstood parties explain their questions as opposed to just picking this or that as possible situations, for I think you tend to do that, from time to time.  That would stray from the bluntness, now would it not?  Then... no one likes or appriates the bluntness either.  Maybe that is why I stay in the bounds of honesty, but attempt to work around it.  I mean, I do not like hurting anyone, minus evil people.  So what is it to do?

The answer, my friend, is simple.  Live your life as you have been, treating others as you would want to be treated.  Then realize, what would you want these folks to do to you?  Take something and get a possible different meaning from it, or, find out exactly what Madd means and stick it to him, as painful as it shall possibly be?  See, you answered your own question.  Pleasure doing business with you, so go get your arse parked into the land of slumber.

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