Madd Martin L Kroeger (madd74) wrote,
Madd Martin L Kroeger

Hi God

What up, G?  It is funny, I was told that I do not update much, and almost totally forgot that other people read this thing.  Oh, sorry JOHD dear, you know I did not mean it that way.

{sigh} Brain damage, and I am not talking Floyd (for once).  I have either done some insame damage to my brain, or, male old age is hitting me faster than I can keep up with.  How does one put something off in memory for over 2 years?  How is it I have not made it to the dentist yet?  How I graduated is beyond me.  How I managed, to live in a place by myself for almost 9 years is an absolute miricle.  Only by the grace of God is it possible.  If ever I get married, I think it would be just so things could get done.  I am so dissipointed in you, Madd, when it comes to your ability to do something and remember it.  I just am.  I feel you have left me no choice but that which I did not want to do.  Medical attention.  Yeah... only problem is, you will mentally store it in the back of your head forever.  Never have I seen a human who "forgets" so much stuff so fast.  If not for JOHD, only 3% of my life would be remembered.  Ug... this really bytes.  Hmm... if I was a computer hard drive, I would lose every other file saved to me.  This is just crazy.

Yet, in the mist, SOMETHING is working correctly, and I have no clue what it is.  After all, I *did* graduate.  Yeah, I cheated in one class, oh well, it was computers, haha.  Hey you are dept free.  You still even have SOME friends who hae not up and packed bags on your ass.  Poor memory?  None in the least.  Knowing how to store memory that I actually want to store, yeah.  I think I will plead attention deficet.  It could also explain how I cannot spell to save my own life.  {sigh} Well... here goes the other part.

{note to humans}

Hi humans... Madd Martin here, bringing you a semi-up-to-date look on my life with you.  First off, do not ever think I know what is going on with your life via an on-line journal.  If you want to know my computer access, just check out my web site forums that keep people "up to date".  Notice, the gaps are insane.  Heck, just look at my work... oh, stupid laptop battery.  hEhEhE... stupid technology, it should last forever.  POSTING QUICK


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