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Play Fair

"I am ready man, check it out, I am the ULTIMATE bad ass. State-of-the-bad-ass-art. You do not want to fuck with me. Check it out! Hey Ripley, don't worry. Me and my squad of ultimate bad-asses will protect you. Check it out! Independently targeting particle beam phalanx...FWAP! Fry half a city with this puppy. We got tactical smart missiles, phase plasma pulse rifles, RPGs, we got sonic, electronic, BALL breakers! We got nukes, we got knives, sharpsticks..."

     I think I am attempting to lose my job, just a hunch on how I handle the clock on the nose at times.  I really have to be careful, one more pink slip and I go to unsatisfactory, which will be a given that I will have no job at Qwest.  THe best thing I had going for me was the call to my cell phone (I have faith you can do it, mother).  Mother called to inform me that grandfather was doing very well, and the operation was successful.  The sinking feeling lifted, excellent, Smithers.  Thinking back to jobs, I like to take this time to look at a great experience I had at wallyworld.  I was behind the register, and had the Pulse version of Numb (track 12, disc 2; 9 min and 29 seconds) playing.  A customer came up to me, and asked me one of the greatest questions I could ever hear, because man, only I was going to be able to answer this for them.  "There is this song with lyrics that go like 'a distant ship smoke on the horizon' or something like that."  I think that is one of the few times that a smile beamed on my face bright enough to power the hubble telescope.  I started singing the rest of the lyrics for the person, I then pointed at my shirt, and then said something about, "You mean like this song that is playing right now," and I took the person to the original copy of The Wall.  We always sold it more than Best Buy, and that was wrong, so I would always sell it cheaper, no questions asked, because man, you do not sell Floyd at high prices, it just does not work.  That reminds me of a time at work I heard someone playing Money in the background.  That was cool.  This time at work, however, was not really all that cool.  I had a lot of long calls, and my stats are not the greatest that they could be.  I might have to take a few early shifts for people.

Can I See some ID Please?

     Well, after work, I went and picked up Shell.  Then we went to the store to get alcohol for her friends.  There is something very strange about this girl.  She so wants me to buy alcohol for her and her friends, yet, with her money (or someone else's) even though she has her ID and is old enough.  She actually told me this, because I could not figure out what was going on.

Cleavage for Sale... Cheap

     So we went to the State Fair.  It was great, we made it there before the fireworks started.  Whenever there was a loud report going off, people would cheer.  It is kind of odd if you stand back and observe this phenomonon.  Then we walked around a bit, and all I can say is that the Fair is the largest collection of cleavage and ass that I have ever seen anywhere.  It is too bad I was already drinking Mock 10 before we arrived, haha, or my mind might have been in better check.  I ran across Skinner!  It was cool to catch him there.  I cannot think of any time I went to the Fair and did not run across an old friend.  I would later see Juan at the beer tent, but at first, he would not see me even though I was yelling out to him.  Some time later when we went to the beer tent, Shell and I would be sitting on the curb, an Juan would walk by.  We all decided to go to the corner bar since it was crazy spending $4 on a small glass of beer anyway.

Never Leave Them Behind

     So we went to the corner bar, and low and behold, I run across Chrissa.  She was insanely happy to see me, which was a total shock.  I did not realize she even remembered me.  A lot has been going on in her life.  She gave me a big hug, I love hugs.  She was drunk, of course, which could have explained the extra bit of happiness.  Or, maybe I do not realize how much I impact people.  JOHD, I am not sure if I ever told you about her.  I remember back when we first met, was through Chance, and she really did not like me.  I get that a lot.  Well, some time afterwards, something clicked and she would be giving me hugs and stuff.  Drugs do strange things to a person's mind.  So anyway, Iowa City Gal called me and I went outside so I could talk to her.  At one point I walked back in, and Shell was no where to be seen, and Juan and Chrissa said she was walking home.  I knew there was no way she was doing that.  So I started to go to look for her.  I would eventually find her near the Fair Grounds.  Now by this time, I am already rather drunk.  I had not been so drunk in a long time.  So I think she might have been crying.  She seriously thought that I had left her, and she was a bit drunk herself.  I re-assured her that I would never leave anyone.  The more a person goes through something, the more they expect it to happen, I guess.  Her friend was not going to take her home, I guess, so I ended up being her ride, which is what I wanted in the first place, to be the one to take her home.  So I let Iowa City Gal go so I could drive home, and I took Shell home, and she even gave me a hug.  Her giving out hugs (to me) is not a usual event.  However, hugs are always welcome from friends.  hEhEhE!!  Just ask Blondino.  Man, that still kills me that he wanted to hug me so bad, I loved it.

I am not to Drive to Drunk

     I told Iowa City Gal that I was going to call her back.  Well, I called Dawn Daniels on the way home.  She said she was going to play a special song for me, basically, since it was not in the block of Floyd that was coming on in the 0400a hour.  I was also being naughty, even though I think Dawn really got a kick out of it since I was being obviously drunk.  I then finally made it home, and some friends were on line, and I flat out was being nasty to West Coast Gal.  Definately not a child friendly chat, hEhEhE!!  Of course, she seemed more than willing to hear me out... before I passed out, which is what happened.  I had also been chatting (attempting to... fatigue was at an all-time high) a friend of mine who had done some estacy.  Unfortunately, that would be a small chat, as would all other chats, and I would not get to call Iowa CIty Gal back, and most importantly, I would not hear whatever nice thing Dawn had to say on the air to the greatest Pink Floyd fan ever created.  I would pass out with the lights on, with no air on.  At least I was not wearing pants.

Look Ma, no Hangover

     So I would wake up, and did not feel good because I was so warm.  Thank goodness I still don't get hang overs.  I left a message, basically apologizing out of my ass and everywhere else, for not calling Iowa City Gal back.  When she woke up, she would call me, and I was at Gamers.  I was looking for Tekken, but they did not have it, so, I figured Tekken II was close enough, and that when she came over tonight that I would crush her in that then, so she can call me Master, mwahaha!!  Mental note: stop eating at LJS.  They are getting worse in terms of food.  When I got back home, I decided to switch from cell to home phone and called her right back.  Then, we talked and talked and talked.  I thought it was strange since I was seeing her later today after work.  Oh yeah, she is definately human, seeing as how her mind is not as pure as one might think, hehehe.

[no title]

     Well, JOHD, I actually am NOT behind!  WhooHoo!!  I only have three comments to tackle, also.  THis is groovy, I like catching up on things.  Oh yeah, I had gotten a lot of reading done at work yesterday.  Looks like not much new from my friends at this time.  Also, I am coming to terms with myself more.  I think it is a realization that I am still rather human.  Also the fact that I am shedding a lot of it away.  I can come to terms that some day, just some, I might marry.  Speaking of which, I want to ask that you make sure I be careful.  When Shell was on me, as in grabbing my pocket and what have you, I realized how much I really like being someone that another looks to.  I do not want it to cloud any judgements that I could get from either Iowa City Gal or NY friend.  I mean, I do not want to do what I dislike humans doing.  You know, how some people want "boyfriend".  If "boyfriend" has a name, hey, that is fine, as long as there is "boyfriend" around to make feel special.  I thought about that a lot of late, that I do not want to fall into that pattern, then I realize, if I was that way, I would have already attempted to date a few people by now, so, I think I am safe.  I think I have moved past that, even though, I would still like the company of someone to curl up to, and to hold while I sleep.  Blah, stupid helicopter estrogen.  I think that is the reason I came up femanine when I took the masculin/femanine test way back when in psychology.  THAT SO REMINDS ME, Johd, I have some updating on my web page to do, darn it!  I want to get that done!  I will get that done, help remind me, okay?  Thanks!  Master of Maddness, signing off......

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