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Important Contact Change Info - JOHD

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Aug 17th, 2004

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11:55 - Important Contact Change Info
{note to humans}
There seems to be a lot of confusion regarding my phone number.  This is how my phone service is set up.  Some of you have a 515.991.6853 phone number.  This was a cell number that I gave to humans for PAGING purposes only.  It was to not be called (and the reason was to avoid the confusion everyone appears to be getting).  If you had a cell phone, that was the number you had to send a message to.  That number is being changed to a new number.  Despite the cell number change, the HOME phone number REMAINS the same.  This means the few people who want to call to talk to me, call me at that number.  We have three nice features on my home service that link the home and the cell number.  I sent out a message to everyone on my 515.991.6853 that the number was not being used anymore, and to reach me at a new number.  Of course, half of the people started sending messages to the old number that is being discontinued.  Humans... hehehe.

So to sum it up, do not call 515.991.6853 or page it.  It is being disconnected before the end of the month.  Continue to call my home number (shown on my home page) when you want to reach me.  The VM you hear is to my cell phone.  You can press 5 to page if you wish not to leave a message, and you can press # at any second of the recording to bypass my sometimes long messages.  If you wish to send text messages to my cell phone, and do not have the number, then reply to this with your request and cell number. If you wish not to comment with your cell number shown, then email it to my email address with the request.  If you do not know that, then send a comment with YOUR email or contact and I shall reach you.

Thank you all for staying confused, and keeping me busy :D


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[User Picture]
Date:Aug 17th, 2004 19:52 (UTC)
"If you do not know that, then send a comment with YOUR email"

oh, sure.. like you would actually get around to emailing anyone....

*giggle*snicker* :P
[User Picture]
Date:Sep 29th, 2004 19:41 (UTC)
im so smacking the laydown to you!! so i get a little (lot) behind some times... I work on it, i really do :`(
Date:Aug 18th, 2004 14:47 (UTC)


ok, now i'm just thoroughly confused and i think you meant to do that to me...and i haven't even TRIED calling/paging/celling you!!!
[User Picture]
Date:Sep 29th, 2004 19:42 (UTC)

your so vein

what? you think this post is about you or what? what is going on here??

Date:Oct 6th, 2004 15:28 (UTC)

Re: your so vein

first you got a cel number, then you got it changed - but the home number remains the same - not like i'm calling all the time, mind you...then there's that whole disconnected number business...
yet again - i'm confused...just come over and we'll have soda, some popcorn and watch a video or dvd or some porn that my boyfriend has on the tv console...
i'm so confused - i have to lay down now...
*walking into other room*
[User Picture]
Date:Dec 14th, 2004 10:25 (UTC)

Re: your so vein

i have had a cell for a while... if i remember, i have been thru 3 or 4 different numbers now. my home number has not changed in the 8 year spam i have had it. my home number is call followed to my cell, meaning you call home it rings my cell.

watch your boyfriend's porn on the tv... hahaha... that is just... amusing to hear :D
Date:Dec 15th, 2004 07:23 (UTC)

Re: your so vein

well, he has quite the collection and there is always something in the dvd player and/or the video player...it's become no big deal now to find it, and replace it...
the other nite my daughter was looking for something to watch and he mentioned several films in various drawers to find...so she went down the hall and up the stairs yelling "paula! i found movies with NO PORN!!!" i couldn't stop laughing, i turned to him and said, "i'll bet you never thought you'd hear those words in this house"
[User Picture]
Date:Dec 19th, 2004 19:01 (UTC)

Re: your so vein

well, the POINT was you, girl, me, boy, and porn by your boyfriend, boy ;)
Date:Jan 26th, 2005 16:29 (UTC)

Re: your so vein

[User Picture]
Date:Feb 24th, 2005 05:23 (UTC)

Re: your so vein


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