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Enter the RepoMadd

Well, JOHD, there are a few noticed things by my many fans and what-not, besides a stock pile of laundry that is well over due.  It is money collecting time, oh yeah.  Through my generosity, I think I have lost a good $3000+ to loaned money.  Luckily the few I have money out to right now I realize I have an above average chance to collect, and what a PERFECT time, with the finalization of Alex.  Yeah, JOHD, my happy note Sat around 0413a was the finalized payment of Alex.  I OWE NO MONEY TO ANYONE!!  Whoohoo!!  So that means it is HOUSE hunting time, and that means Madd is going to be looking for some money, whether from work or those who already owe me (note to humans: so those who owe me money, please be understanding if I seem more aggressive than usual.  While you may think it ill of me to be so aggressive, don't forget the kindness of MY heart to help you along).  This is all new exciting ground for me, JOHD, I mean, wow, I thought Alex was a big responsibility... a home, well... that just goes off the charts of imagination).

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