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We Don't Operate that Way - JOHD

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Jul 11th, 2004

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17:45 - We Don't Operate that Way
JOHD, I feel strange.  I don't think it is because I am naked on my couch either.  Notice anything?  Yeah, besides an unusual ammount of laziness and procrastination.  Something is strange.  It is that or something is wrong.  I wonder if there is such a thing as happy depression.  I wonder what has a grasp of me.  I wonder what time it is... and the clock says... oh, that time.  I appear to be falling more and more behind in some things, yet... I am gaining here and there.  Okay, Madd.  You caught up again, and am making progress in attempts, so, let us work at this yet again.  On that note, get ready to go to Myles.

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Date:Jul 11th, 2004 20:03 (UTC)
in my head, happy depression more or less equates to complacency. nothing in particular is specifically wrong, but nothing feels quite right either... just kind of.. floating. (i'm sure i could elaborate, but i hate leaving novella-length comments)

that could be entirely incorrect for you, but.. *shrug* something to think about, maybe?
[User Picture]
Date:Jul 13th, 2004 18:50 (UTC)
hmm... im too confused to think about it :D
Date:Oct 9th, 2004 20:21 (UTC)

hey. happy depression?

hey. this may seem weird, but im looking all over the internet for peoples experiences of happy depressions. or warm fuzzy sadness. i call it "low". it is a nice thing. a quiet calm fulfilling empty thing.
i doubt this makes sense. i wrote this.. hopefully it clears some things up:

empty spaces with stillness
motionless, quiet.
dark holy hollow
a barren crowded

you know? nothing but something pulsing and glowing between everything? something warm and soft.

anyways, im going to book mark this site and see if you write back. dont worry about writing if you dont want to. im just a tourist.
[User Picture]
Date:Oct 10th, 2004 13:43 (UTC)

Re: hey. happy depression?

there is very few left that is weird in my world...

happy depressions... well... the thing is, I do not think it as much depression as actual dissipointment in myself. There is much I wish to do, and unfortunately I sit there and do nothing. So I wonder if I am depressed, and it turns I simply am dissapointed in myself, for I know I can do better than I do now.

always happy to show a tourist around
Date:Oct 10th, 2004 18:10 (UTC)

Re: hey. happy depression?

dissapointment in yourself.

i think that is a different feeling than what i feel when i think of a happy depression.. and i think that is what you imply, but i mean it in the sense that even in retrospect, in a deep down observation, it isnt about dissapointment for me. dissapointment carries to much with it. it has emotional weight, where as i mean depression in the sense of a feeling of nothingness.
but the depression im interested in is the nothingness but contentment. nothingness in a deep dark void but it is a comfortable place.

sorta different i suppose.
[User Picture]
Date:Dec 14th, 2004 10:39 (UTC)

Re: hey. happy depression?

well, my whole basis for the thought was just that there is so much to do and I just simply do not do it. it really comes to a massive overwelming sense of procrastination that interfers with much in my daily life

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