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Reminder to Madd - JOHD

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Apr 27th, 2004

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03:18 - Reminder to Madd
JOHD, please make sure that I note these important reminders... since being around humans, I feel, has caused clouded understand or pure forgetting of it... or... just to make sure that does NOT happen.

-there is no reason to lie to anyone for any reason in any way including to yourself
-you do not have to conform to the two human standpoints of needing someone to love and loving someone
-love does exist
-you do not require being shown how much you are appriciated for the things you do, you have God
-you are NOT a controlling human being and have no reason to be
-anything in existance is possible
-your purpose in life are to help others with their life, adding help only when asked and happiness in its many forms
-your God is not going to allow you to be nothing and cease to exist when you die
-you do NOT require a female (or male) counterpart in your life to be happy
-you are human
-anything in existance is possible... anything
-there is not a thing in this world that is beyond your ability, Madd
-work smarter not harder: you have friends you can talk to about issues in your life and that does NOT impeed on your ability to do anything, it simply enhances it
-anything in existance is possible
-you are not the human you once were, you have grown much from it
-just because you state something you believe to be true does not mean you mean it as a fact, and does NOT make you egocentric
-your inability to understand everything someone says is not stupidity on your part (or the other person)
-you do not have to know every single aspect of what is going on in the life of everyone else
-not all human are as open as you and do not share all information on day to day events that you do
-anything in existance is possible
-it is not required to reflect back every aspect of another person back to them
-there is no need for revenge
-your inability to remember things the way you do is not due to a poor memory
-your commitment to be there for your friends exceeds your own person gain
-sex is not evil and can be shared
-in the event of sharing the experience of sex, proper precautions can be used
-not all humans share honesty to the level you do
-not all humans are out to only selfishly further their own gains with disregard to the thoughts of others
-you are not your father
-children are not a requirement for happiness
-humans have bad days just like you do and do not always mean everything they say
-many humans want a second chance just as you may want a second chance
-anything in existance is possible
-you can initiate things like kissing or sex and not be just like any other guy at the same time... some women appricate initiation
-the small little things can add up to be more than a few big things
-saying I love you after it is said to you is not a bad thing
-even though some people want you to listen to them, they ALSO want to make sure you are still paying attention
-while rules can be broken, certain moral standards are not to be comprimised
-JOHD is your inner self and the writings you do for her are for her and you only... however some eyes do spy and you interact with many different humans on a normal basis
-your obsessive nature to define everything and follow the rules you do is an attempt to remove miscommunication between you and the humans so keep your mind open to communicate in the first place
-humans like quickies in ways more than sex: dropping a note or calling a phone lets them know you are thinking about them
-humans love being thought about
-silence does not always mean someone wants nothing to do with you
-you can, at times, intimidate others, and that can cause them to act strange around you
-most humans who view you as egotistical are mistaking your stand behind what you believe in with thinking that is the only way you think something: make sure you communicate in a way that shows you are open for change
-you will make mistakes and you can keep many down by thinking before acting
-anything in existance is possible, there is no exception to this rule
-all your base are belong to us
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Date:Oct 6th, 2004 15:12 (UTC)

Re: hey, we seem to be on a roll...

oh, but baby, whatever roll you are on - i want to be there, too!!....with melted butter...

oh, man - see what you started?
[User Picture]
Date:Oct 7th, 2004 00:50 (UTC)

Re: hey, we seem to be on a roll...

what I started?? oh no, you started this...

you wanna be there also... all aboard!! I have some melted butter for you ;)
Date:Dec 8th, 2004 09:13 (UTC)

Re: hey, we seem to be on a roll...

yummmmm...melted butter...goes with just about anything...
[User Picture]
Date:Dec 14th, 2004 10:18 (UTC)

Re: hey, we seem to be on a roll...

yeah, like heart attacks and stroke :D
Date:Dec 15th, 2004 07:28 (UTC)

Re: hey, we seem to be on a roll...

rolled lard in deep, fried melted butter...

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