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Mooo!! - JOHD

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Apr 16th, 2004

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13:13 - Mooo!!
hehehe... yeah, go Floyd cow!  I feel rather darn good.  I think I will attribute my strange thoughts to lack of sleep, or, maybe we can give credit where credit is due and state passing out to Atom Heart was able to change things around.  I cannot believe I did not keep waking up, the music was actually rather loud.  Big thanks to GretlGretl for being there for me, and willing to drive all the way (a whole 4 minute drive) to take care of me!

Also, thanks to God, because You rock!
Current Mood: happyhappy
Current Music: "Atom Heart Mother" - Pink Floyd, "Atom Heart Mother" (rep)

[[5 comments | Train your Brain]]


Date:Apr 16th, 2004 12:21 (UTC)
FIVE minutes. I don't have Alex.

and *smooch*

I have to go check your work schedule...
[User Picture]
Date:Apr 24th, 2004 17:49 (UTC)
-lol- yeah, well, in such a short spam Alex does not make THAT much a difference...
[User Picture]
Date:Apr 16th, 2004 19:29 (UTC)


if Iwas closer, i would've been there to rtake care of you, you know...
Date:Apr 16th, 2004 20:19 (UTC)


You're just jealous 'cause I could have been there in five minutes.

It would be good if you were closer, though.
[User Picture]
Date:Apr 24th, 2004 17:52 (UTC)

Bare Knuckle

I do? eh, good possibility... of course, you could also post more on my web site and things of that nature... keeping my mind busy.


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