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Lost House on the Left - JOHD

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Apr 15th, 2004

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21:37 - Lost House on the Left
I'm lost... I... just feel... some how lost.  Maybe it is the lack of sleep... maybe it is psychological... maybe it is insanity.
Current Mood: lost

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(Deleted comment)
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Date:Apr 24th, 2004 17:24 (UTC)
thank you... i appricate the offer, just be warned to offer such things as I have been known to take such offers up
(Deleted comment)
[User Picture]
Date:Apr 26th, 2004 23:31 (UTC)
okay... because some people just make the offers to be nice, then flip out when the offer is tested... :)
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Date:Apr 17th, 2004 16:02 (UTC)
I feel you, man. Completely. Pray, Madd. Pray hard. For you and for me. I'll do the same.
[User Picture]
Date:Apr 24th, 2004 18:12 (UTC)
i pray when my mind remembers...

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