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I Cough at You

I hope you get my germs.  You already are a piece of crap, what would MORE stupidity be?  ARG!!

Okay, before I rant, JOHD, I better drop the humans a note.

{note to humans}

Okay, humans.  I finally did it.  I got comments yet again caught up, AND, I did my best to read.  For the most part, I attempted to speed read.  If I take TWO DAYS away from the computer, the LJ posts from everyone I read equals like a few thousand.  Okay, maybe not that many, but some of you have a lot to say :D

Of course, in skimming, I may have missed quite a bit, so I will be... well, myself (honest) and state that a)if I noticed I was mentioned then I stopped to read what you were talking about (however no cheating using the "find" command, haha) b)if it was short and sweet I most likely read it c)if I commented to it I most likely read it d) if it seemed of some importance to your life (ie your best friend you have not seen comes to town and you party out) I attempted to read it.

This is my own fault that I feel behind (again), even though, like a cockroach (yeah, maybe I should say roach with some of you pervs out there) I just never give up, and am difficult to eat, and something about chopping my head off sex for 9 days or... oh I am no expert on bugs.

So if I missed something, or seem to, please no "well shit don't you read my entries??" as doing a detailed reading of everyone on my list would double my time... and I just wanna get caught up to things better.

The one thing I did NOT do to filter what I definitely did and did not read was WHO posted.  It mattered not who you were.  Let me just say that for sure I had to click the next button 6 times to get thru everyone. Realize one of the big problems I am having is... well... something I am going to talk to JOHD about.


So here I am, caught up, some what, even though I have a few million emails to still read and some to reply back to (yes, Melissa, I am evil and have not read your last email, please do not murder me, or if you do, make sure Floyd is played at my wake).  JOHD... technology is what drives me, I mean, it is like I am totally dependant on my technology to get things done.  I noticed when the computer is running fine, no issues, I tend to fall behind less.  However, when something goes wrong, like this stupid... everything!!  Ahhh!!  Where the hell did my H drive go?  Oh yeah... I unplugged Melee... because IT WAS NOT REGISTERING.  I cannot believe Link cannot go more than 3 FUCKING days before something DRASTICALLY goes bad that requires a re-boot.  I am totally shocked that I have not had to actually cut power yet.  I bet if I stretched for a day 4...

So JOHD, it appears that the Melee problem may actually be Melee and not Link's fault.  If that is true, the back ups are going to have to be monitored closely, for if/when Melee finally gets KO'ed.

So what is the GOOD news?  Ha!!  There is good news!  Oh... that was suppose to be there was no good news, haha, yet, there is.  Just as bad things that happen with technology around me, the envirnment, makes things worse on me, improvements IMPROVE me.  Imagine that.  Some times I really wonder if I am nothing more than a crazy computer program gone Floyd.  Ghaleon does not seem to currently exibite any "I am technology owned by Madd it is mandated I break down for no reason even when I am just sitting idle" syndrome that all other technology (yes, JOHD, all, it is valid, name me one expection) I have owned has experienced.  Granted... he seems to have a problem staying connected to the Hive.  For some reason, he keeps stating he lost it... then he comes back.  I do not notice this problem with BJ and the other times I have used the WiFi have not noticed a problem either.  I do know that 2.4GHz phones can cause interference, and wonder if my phone, even when not in use, is doing something.  I am not sure.  Anyway, once I figure out how to plug Ghaleon into an AC source, I figure I am set, right?  I mean, internet access RIGHT DURING the taking care of my games and stuff.  All the comfirms of the bedroom all in the living room... minus the nice big huge waterbed that I love so much.  WEEEEE!!  Maybe humans will stop being so pissy with me since rare appear to know the problems I experience on a day to day basis with keeping up... and keeping things in mind.

Crap... that reminds me... I might get medicated... legally... in a bad way... TWICE.  Dear me {sigh}

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