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Principle Meaning

Wow, JOHD... it is freezing cold out here almost with the wind blowing and all.  Chalk up another victory for technology.  I cannot believe I found this spot here, this is just way too cool.  It does appear that there are two Wi-Fi, however one is just a peer to peer, and there appears to be no access point to the internet through it.  The other one however is another story.  Sure, slower 11MB spot, but so what, the net does not go that fast.  That makes me wonder what I am connected to.  Let me see... speed test... 459.1 kilo a second.  Not bad, not bad at all.  Of course, BJ has that beat rather well, and honestly, I cannot say I am to a DSL connection so who knows.  Hmm... provided by Sprint, haha... how ironic.  Oh wait it is ADSL.  Drat time to go back to work, what fun.

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