Madd Martin L Kroeger (madd74) wrote,
Madd Martin L Kroeger

... and the Wind Cried Softly

"I don't know what you think of me, but I hope it's X-rated."

     All good things must unfortunately come to an end, and this time is no exception.  I had just taken Stingray to QT, where I would fill up his gas tank, as promised, and give him change for pop and send him on his way.  It has been a while, JOHD.  I popped in here and there to drop a quickie while he was here, and now I am here to tell my stories.

Day One - Reunion

     I would be in the shower.  I would be bouncing all around, singing Life Force music.  I would almost knock myself out from too much jumping in the shower.  That towel holder thing would almost do me in, as well as the shower head.  But I was just so filled with energy.  So I went to the couch, and started preparing Gradius III by boning up on my skills.  A little later, I would call my friend in Iowa City for a quickie.  Of course, my quickies with her are anything but.  Afterwards I was lying on the couch with Gradius III music playing in the background.  I love sound tests.  Stingray must drive slower than I do.  Then again, I think most people do.  I kept thinking about him coming through the door, but at the same time, I was thinking of my Iowa City friend and how I missed talking to her, and what have you.  Hmm... this requires some exploring to do, I think I will tackle it later after work, for I am not sure if I can make this in an hour and thirty mimutes.  So eventually he shows up, and damn am I happy.  I got a sound picture of him coming in the door, with tons of stuff in his hands.  He so reminds me of me some times.  We played some Gradius.  Yeah, had to show him Loop 2 mode.  That rocked.  Well, as we were playing, Riede called.  I invited him over with us, and we all decided to go eat when he got here.  Before he showed up, Stringray and I tested our luck on the Cube Attack stage (level 9).  Did I ever mention how insanely impossible this game is?  Ha ha!  We always joke about things like that, how difficult a game is and how the japanese must be attempting to confuse us to take us over by making this butt ugly impossible games.  Haha, well, Riede showed up and got to see the impossible at work, and so we went out to Fazolies.  I got a few good pictures of people eating, haha, especially Riede, man, that was too damn funny.  I did not eat that much.  This is a concern for me that has been happening a bit lately.

Day One Continued - The Ratigador

     So we went over to Gamers.  I picked up some old school games, including Swer Shark (94 cents!), Streets of Rage II (YEAH, FINALLY!!) and I think I picked up a NES game or two.  I would have to go check.  So, after that, we went back to my place, and we played Swer Shark.  Oh my GOSH!!  This game was well beyond the 94 cents I played for it, even though I was not sure if it would play at first.  My Sega CDX was being bad, and it makes a nasty noise when attempting to load CD's into memory.  Not cool!  It finally got to working, and we watched the intro to the game.  Ghost, the co-pilot, is so damn funny it is not even funny.  Something about wiping previous pilots from the sewer walls with handiwipes comes to mind, haha.  Man, we were all cracking up listening to it, and Stringray was able to quote a few things.  I guess he played it a long time ago.  So the game starts, and this crazy robot thing known as Catfish starts talking about how he hears something breathing, and how he is gonna be ratigator bait.  hEhEhE!!  Aye, JOHD, that is what I was ranting and raving about ealier.  Well, Ghost provided TONS of humor as we were playing, and after that, I pulled out the old NES and put in Life Force!!  FINALLY!!  We get to join forces in a game who's music has given us much to sing and play guitare to!  It was soooo much fun, evne if I was not at my usual never getting hit state.  Also, we would hit up on Gradius I for the NES.  Yeah, that was the other game I got, now I remember, haha.  Pro Wrestling would be next.  Wow, that brought back memories.  It took a while to get use to the controls again.  I was the overall champ, and got beat only a few times.  Damn I am good!  Next we would play Streets of Rage II.  Well, for the most part, Riede and I would play, since Stingray wanted to watch.  We never even made it to the end, or even close if I remember.  He died too soon, and I was left fighting everyone.  It did not stop me from taking a few people out, but the big time came when I brought out Max and the Anal Expander�.  Hahaha, the coolest and most deadly move in the game.  We them dueled, and Stingray would also join.  They wanted nothing more than to kick the crap outta me, and it would happen since all I cared about at the time was doing the Anal Expander� to them both, which I would eventually end up doing and taking them out.  I did not want to be mean and bring out my boy Alex, since I would have been undefeated with him.  After that, we would end up playing TimeSplitters for the rest of the night.  It was great.  We would play us three vs all possible bots on max, and we would win massively.  The bank vault was way too much fun.  Then we would go for some bag tag.  That turned out to be difficult, since there was way more of them to steal our bag, however, I was the one to get all their bags.  I think Stingray got one, and Riede did a great job defending ours, for the most part.  Then we split up and all three of us were "leaders" of computer teams.  I would end up with the most ignorant teammate ever.  I mean, I was able to guard our bag, but with a whole list of teams, that would mean instant defeat, so I would have to go out, and unprotect our bag while Stingray would hide in his corner and nuke me almost every time I would walk around the corner.  It got to a point where i was able to nuke him in his own base, grab his bag as he would spawn right in front of me, and then I would still make it out in time to hunt Riede down, who had found out the location of my base, and would be running with mine.  He would eventually end up stealing a few, haha, the ratigator bastard!  It was a lot of fun, even though I would end up in last place.  Booo to that.  Stingray would be the winner after the 30 minutes was up.  It was funny since Riede was in first almost since the start.  Four in the morning being too much for him, Riede would venture out back to his cave (where his woman would beat and control him, haha, just kidding Allison ;) ). Some point in the middle of it, Iowa City would call me and talk to me for a few.  It was nice hearing from her, even though I was already surrounded by love.  Haha, just made me feel more special, I guess.  After playing a few more rounds, we would both crash.

Day Two - The Magical Genie

     We would wake up, or at least, I would be outta bed first.  I was chatting on the computer since he was taking time to wake up.  Then, a little bit after, he would get his guitare and start playing to the music my computer was playing, as I was singing it.  Why?  Because, JOHD, that's what we do!  Haha!  Play games, sing the music, play the music, play the games, lather, rinse, repeat when necessary.  So let me think now... Sunday.  Hmm... what ever did we do?  Oh yeah!  We played games, haha.  Actually, after listening to him bitch how hungry he was, we would finally go to iHOP.  I have come to the conclution that they are not worth the money anymore, and that I can do much better at a lot of places.  After that... we... would... play more games.  Wow, I am attempting to remember what it was we played.  Hmm... I think we reverted to old school NES games.  Oh yeah, it was Kid Icarus.  We would break out the Game Genie and make some very insane codes.  We came up with one that made it so when you hit the start button, the inventory screen would be all over everywhere, and things would be out of place and the background was messed up.  It was so much fun!  We ended up doing this for a lot of the rest of the night, but there were a few other games we would eventually do the same for.  We came up with codes for a few games.  Also, I would get to talk to Iowa City girl again.  Plenty of fun for everyone!

Day Three - Getting Back into the Game

     Well, once again, I would be outta bed first, and I would chat away with my friends again.  This time, however, it would be followed with me confirming I would see my NY friend for sure, so, I would stop at work after we took off and get my vacation set up for Sept 1st - Sept 9th.  During the entire time, someone from Minisota had called for Stingray, and since it was forwarded to my cell phone, there was no problems there.  We would then take off for Country Kitchen.  His call would drop, and he asked why, and then the radio said time for some Numb, and I said that's why (refering to 5th Dimentional working), and turn up the radio.  I took the senic route, of course, so the 6 minutes and 24 seconds would all be enjoyed.  The food and service at CK was better by far than iHOP.  We would then go to Gamers again and I would buy $151 in old NES games.  A few of the games were actually SNES and an extra controller for my N64.  We would go back home and blast away some two player action for Swords and Serpents.  Then, we would up and leave to go see dITZ, since, it was her birthday.

Oh No!  I'm Ratigator Bait!

     Stupid time.  Stupid work.  I have been gone this long, they should be use to me not being around, haha.  Well, JOHD, I will have to let you go for now.  I must get ready for work.  I am thinking of stopping over at Mari's after work, since I did not get back to her email within 24 hours, I will have to give up going to the G this day.  I should call Merv and let him know.  Catch you in a few, JOHD.  Master of Maddness, signing off......

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