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Home in the Snow - JOHD

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Mar 12th, 2004

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04:08 - Home in the Snow
Well, JOHD, I made it home, and wow, so much on my mind I think it exploded out in the form of snow.  I feel very strange... the tummy has that "spider sense" as if there is danger some where yet I would not know what that would be.  Hmm... I do not feel like eating, however I think I shall force some food down (and hope it does not come back up).  My trip back home was very enjoyable I must admit.  There was only one major issue, and that deals with a human who is not even informing me of what is going on.  However, I am slightly use to that from her by now.  The snow is strange, however... I am not sure what is up with the snow, and Link... well... quiet when I got home.  I rather expected that.  I think I am actually on time today.  I hope to maintain it.  I will do my best to share my thoughts with you later, my friend.
Current Mood: strange
Current Music: cant play music until reboot

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