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No More For Madd, He's Driving - JOHD

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Mar 9th, 2004

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14:46 - No More For Madd, He's Driving
Yay!!  A night... drafted away from the tradgity that is my life.  A lost wallet that was found.  A wireless connection that did not work that was fixed... for ME even.  Passing out in my own bed, cats and dogs living together... and the grandness of God at my side... and my innards, and everywhere else that He is.  What a crazy night.  Hey, I seem to be short $300 Oh JOHD I kill me... I actually do, this nasty unpurified water I drink, and the beer I drink, and the computer I sit in front of.  Oh well.  Life is good, very good.  Oh I remember now... I was driving to work two days ago (or maybe I was walking or flying), and I remember I saw a woman crossing the street.  No, JOHD, not that other woman with the two kids just in the MIDDLE of the street blocking traffic because she had to talk to her other friend and was called a bitch by some guy attempting to drive where she was to have the small little kid wave at the guy as he passed woman, the OTHER woman!  Yeah, right, the older woman with the cart and coat on who I could tell was homeless.  You know, I looked at her and thought about all the friends and humans who complain about how crappy their life is.  Friends and humans who have wonderful kids, and/or a roof over their head, and/or good health, and/or food every day to eat.

I started to think, maybe millions of thoughts in the spam of a mere 9 seconds, as I remember shortly after I may have been scanning for one of Alex's kind who use to park all the time in the church parking lot, the fact that almost everyone does not realize how wonderfully excellent they have it.  The people who are so depressed when they do not have a boyfriend (since it is more common for females to have issues of being single than males).  The fact this woman has no home.  She has no car, and from the looks of it, she most likely does not have a steady intake of food.  I wonder what goes through that woman's mind on a day to day basis.  I mean she most likely has lived with it long enough that it becomes common place, so maybe she just accepts it.  I wish to break it down farther, JOHD... this woman actually has it BETTER than some others.  She has arms and legs.  Most likely has her sight, or hearing, possibly even her health.  (Gretl no grief for the deaf comment :p hehe) I mean... even someone with no arms and legs has it better than someone who has a few hundred health problems.  Everyone who lives has something going for them, as bad as their life may appear, it could always be worse.

Yet, here we are, the humans that we are, and we only focus on what we DON'T have.  We look at all the things that lack in our life, or the things going wrong.  That elder woman walking across the street really made an impression in my mind.  Oddly enough, her existance has already set forth a full motion of possibilities in my life.  Her very existance could have possibly been a key part in my not losing my wallet.  The fact that she was crossing the street the car in front was not able to turn.  It had to wait.  That delayed me, slightly, by 10 or so seconds.  This ten second delay may have changed the course of history for me.  The very fact I am spending extra time thinking and writing about her now, when I could be doing something else, or maybe she will end up preventing me to think something else that could come up as a bad thought.  All thanks to this woman...

Of course, maybe because of the delay in time now I will end up dying 30 years sooner than I was going to without her being born, haha!!

Oh Madd you kill me...
Current Mood: happyhappy
Current Music: "Battle Theme" - Lunar (SegaCD)

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[User Picture]
Date:Mar 12th, 2004 01:26 (UTC)
Amen, Brother. :}

Oh and hey, I think i saw that $300 of yours somewhere in West Des Moines, but it got away from me too fast to catch it. :} It said something about going to pay someone's mortgage.
[User Picture]
Date:Mar 12th, 2004 12:13 (UTC)
hehe, had I not found my wallet, that $300 would not have happened
[User Picture]
Date:Mar 13th, 2004 09:51 (UTC)
I was happy that you found your wallet before, but now I'm really happy that you found your wallet. :}
[User Picture]
Date:Mar 16th, 2004 14:27 (UTC)

Date:Mar 12th, 2004 18:26 (UTC)
hey, i suck, and just now noticed you left a comment on my journal. i have to log out to check it and i always forget. add me? i am sorry i suck :(
[User Picture]
Date:Mar 16th, 2004 13:50 (UTC)

no suck zone

hehe, that is okay, I do not even remember what I posted, even though, it looks like according to my email you may have replied to it

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