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Society of blended souls

     I came into this day as a sleep head, looking through these eyes you can see I'm tired...

"Good day to he whose eyes have more beauty and depth than the oceans and the seas..."

     This quote was sent to me by my former girlfriend, Jenny.  This was while I was obviously away from my computer, and it was such a wonderful thing to get, almost makes me feel loved.  Hahaha, but I am loved, at least by a few people I know.  Family has it's advantages.  I am not sure if I am awake, or having one of the approximate 25 dreams that I had last night, of which I did not remember any.  My body feels weird and has so since some time yesterday.  I am not sure if I still have things from when I was sick way back, am catching something new, or my body is just in a nervous state that it is not accustomed to, so it acts strange.  Maybe I caught something strange from the sewage I was swimming in.  Maybe I am dying.  Oh yeah, Floyd already told me, "shorter of breath, and one day closer to death."  I think that has to be one of my all-time enthralling lyrics I have graced upon in music.  Ha ha!!  What is that of 109 hours of music that played?  Non other than a snippit of that song that contains said lyric, after I had already written it.  Dude!!  Sweet!!

     Well, Jennifer was over last night.  I was able to give her one of her six back rubs that I did owe her.  Hmm... I also owe Tierra a shoulder rub.  I think it funny, that I owe people all these physical things, and everyone who owes me something is totally finacial.  That could possible change some day, if I get to play Tetris with Nicole, however, I think I am going to remove that and replace it with just sheer enjoyment of knowing I am the greatest GB player to exist.  After all, being an only child, and not able to keep friends for previously said reasons, that is all I had in my life.  I think Jennifer, a loving former girlfriend, is getting feelings back for me.  Mind you, I do love her, she is only one of two people who I have dated in the past who I am still on good terms, or any terms at all, for that matter.  I still have fun with her when I spend time with her, and now it looks like a small 14% chance I could end up moving to the same state as her since she is moving.  Actually, I think that a 3% chance.  That job may not even be open.  I have plenty of love to douse my friends in, but only if they are deserving.  Ha ha... I just came to the realization that of the 7 people I have dated in my life, only Jenn-named ones are still talking to me.  Maybe I should take a hint.  Maybe I should just stop dating... I think I already did.  Three years is a long time to go without dating.  Some would argue the fact since I was romantically involved with women after said time span.  I would rather be involved with my computer and my video games, however.  They are almost always here when I require attention.  They can always challenge me.  My computer could provide me with unlimited sex (refering to digitized porn, even though, of some time now I am just not interested).  They can even provide me with penty of communication, the big thing that humans have been having problems doing for me.  They also do not lie quiet less, even though some of the games I play are coded to "cheat".  Games with catch up features or what have you for whoever may be behind.  As for Gradius III, well, that one is just coded to be impossible, but that is what attracts me to that game more than any other of late.  Maybe I should change my mood to long winded...

     I think it is time to start my happy medium at the Y.  I want to swim in cleaner, staralized water.  OH!!  One of my dreams comes to me!  It was about work, aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!  I was working, and some guy called me with a circuit problem.  I was unable to find his circuit and he ended up coming over to where I was, and we were talking and hanging out and stuff.  There was something about a clock, but the entire dream is a blur to me.

     I think I am having a meeting today at work, where I learn more about what is going on, and possible job openings.  I cough.  I wonder why?  Maybe it is this stale air I breath.  Maybe I should go to and by that air purifyer thing for my room and then one for the living room.  Not that it matters, since work has a closed in space where one person gets sick, eveyone does.  There is no escape... not from Qwest™... ride the light.

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