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The Pain Continues And I Keep Trucking - JOHD

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Feb 21st, 2004

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14:44 - The Pain Continues And I Keep Trucking
Well... Link is progressing in a far worse state than ever before.  The only upside is that IE has not gone completely out.  However, that may only be a matter of time.  I just do not understand... after the format, I simply put a few programs back on... however... things are going to insanity yet again.  Now I am losing sound.  It simply goes away.  I so almost got the laptop, however, I so want to pay Alex off first and I am down to about $3,000 or so left.  I am so close, yet so far away.  {sigh} So frustrating... things that happen almost as if a mandate by a higher power that I have no control over.  I mean... these things are strange, and there appears to be no permenate cure.  I wonder if others who use the same programs get the same problem, hmm...
Current Mood: aggravatedaggravated

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[User Picture]
Date:Feb 25th, 2004 17:27 (UTC)
Maybe there is a bug in the way that the different programs relate to each other and you just have that special combination of programs that shorts out computers.
[User Picture]
Date:Feb 27th, 2004 08:46 (UTC)
EVERY time?!?
[User Picture]
Date:Feb 27th, 2004 17:07 (UTC)
So you're really talented at putting together the wrong programs. :}
[User Picture]
Date:Feb 27th, 2004 20:46 (UTC)
yeah... when it comes to finding bugs, I am a master...
[User Picture]
Date:Feb 28th, 2004 17:34 (UTC)
Master of Maddness for your bugging pleasure.

hehehe :}
[User Picture]
Date:Mar 1st, 2004 01:27 (UTC)

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