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I like food! - JOHD

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Feb 21st, 2004

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14:44 - I like food!
From: Rusty Immelman Press
SUB: Blue Wizard Is About To Die!

Mad (Max) Martin K., Keeper of the Holy Road War,

I'm writing to you (and this is not spam, this is me, Seth, typing a
message to you at 10:30 AM-ish on the West Coast) to invite you to help
make video game/programming history.

Right now, my book, Blue Wizard Is About To Die! Prose, Poems, and
Emoto-Versatronic Expressionist Pieces About Video Games (1980-2003), has
broken the top 10,000 titles on amazon.com. I am trying to get fellow video
game enthusiasts (who are either interested in classic gaming, programming,
etc.) to go buy the book today in the hopes of breaking the top 1,000.
Hmm... JOHD... either spam masters are getting extremely creative, or I actually do know this person. Not many spam bots would possibly know a nickname of mine is Max(x).  Also not many people would know to hit my Guantlet button, since the first thing I thought with this was "Red Valkerie is about to die".  So I am not sure what to think... the only Seth I know is from here in Des Moines, so I would not be sure what he is doing way on the West Coast.  Hmm...

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Date:Mar 9th, 2004 12:49 (UTC)
Just in the interest of further stoking paranoia (and confirming that SPAMhauses are not as brilliant as one may think):

HA! It was not SPAM... I am Seth. I found you again! TEee hEEee! (runs into the great beyond throwing chunks of cheese at jungle trees). HA AH! torgo2%pi peline.com
[User Picture]
Date:Mar 9th, 2004 22:51 (UTC)
WHAT?!? You are Seth? You got my name wrong :D SETH?!? WHERE ARE YOU??

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