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Wow!!  JOHD, this music is super... recharging.  After battling some slightly elevated levels of dissipointment, and feeling that my mood could drop some, I find myself bouncing back and forth, without a care in the world, finishing my comment catch-up before I head out to Myles.  How most wonderful, this song has been noted for healing abilities.

Go crazy video game thinging.

"You are hit for 50 points of damage." - DM
"I pull out my pocket radio and play Pink Floyd" - gamer
"Pink Floyd is not yet created in this era" - DM
"I use my last Wish item to wish someone from the future sends me a copy of Floyd songs to play from my long sword+1" - gamer
"{rolls dice} Your sword starts playing strange and wonderous music.  You HP level is restored to full" - DM

Ah, the power of music.

MOOO!!  MwahahahaHahahahahahahaHaHAhahahA
Tags: adnd, music, pink floyd

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