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Running the Obscured Gate

Well... JOHD my friend... ah, 'tis that time once again.  It is the end of the year.  It is the last day of another... interesting year of life.  I must say that 2003 brought about some interesting things in life.  I really hope no one makes a move of this life of mine, I would not want to have to relive it any more than once.  Once is enough, haha.  I am at peace, I really am.  I think a part deals with my two notes I left... things that stay unresolved in my mind.  Unresolved issues cause so much inner tention that is difficult to remove.  So... getting things out is good.  Of course, JOHD, unfortunately, I shall be reliving all of 2003 yet again, when I next talk to you.  I see it would be extremely difficult to get the entire year down in the span before I go to bed.  The fact I screwed up and did not document about three or so months worth of my life shall not help any.  Oddly enough, I feel that my move from 2 decades to 3 decades of life is really going to change such things about me.  I really am confident.  I really do feel that I can keep up to date like I never did before.  I have confidence in my abilities.  I know I can do it, even if I have to all by myself.  Just remember, Madd... you completed your college education, and moved from the crazy world of Wal-Mart pay to Qwest.  You can do it, I have faith in you.

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