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Tis the Season to be Working - JOHD

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Dec 25th, 2003

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12:26 - Tis the Season to be Working
The one upside to not having a family around is (21.825 x 8) x 2.5 + (2.182 x 4) x 2.5 .

haha, Merry Christmas JOHD!!

And a Merry Christmas to all my Droogies out there!
Current Mood: contentcontent

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Date:Dec 25th, 2003 10:30 (UTC)
I'm at the Lutheran school checking email and LJ...

And happened to log on just as you posted this.


Merry Christmas, dear heart, and much olive juice for you in the coming year!

(hehehe, I said "coming")
[User Picture]
Date:Jan 17th, 2004 13:24 (UTC)

(i said coming first :p )

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