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"I always thought that when I fell in love, it would be with a musician or an artist or someone really politically active, not an alien that lives on human flesh."

NY Friend (12:49:50 AM): sweet dreams - sorry i couldn't stay up - got sleepy and have a full day tomorrow

Auto response from Madd74 (12:49:50 AM): FLOYD LASER SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NY Friend (12:50:02 AM): have fun with Stingray!!! (in ways you shouldn't tell your mother?)
NY Friend (12:50:08 AM): hasta :-)
Stingray (11:17:40 AM): hey dude, im levin now... 11:15 AM

Auto response from Madd74 (11:17:40 AM): STINGRAY IS COMING!! OH YEAH BABY!! TODAY!

Stingray (11:18:11 AM): got held up looking for those dern comp. controllers
Stingray (11:19:03 AM): so, ill bethere in about 5 hours..
NY Friend (1:34:20 PM): besides - don't you have some cleaning up or something to do before stingray gets there? :-)
Madd74 (1:34:31 PM): i am all ready for him, even in my underware
NY Friend (1:34:46 PM): stingray likes tighty whities, huh?
Madd74 (1:34:59 PM): hehehe {shrugs} I don't know
Madd74 (1:35:09 PM): But I walk around in my undies all the time, remember?
NY Friend (1:35:09 PM): bullshit - you know ;-)
Madd Stewart's Home Keeping Tips

     IEEEEEEEEEEEEee DADDIIEEEEEEEE!!!  Am I the only one who can see I am beyond happy?  Haha!!  The first AIM chat is my one NY friend I am going to see.  The second one is, of course, the one, the only STINGRAY!  AIM names have been changed to protect the innocent, or, in some cases the not so innocent, tee-hee.  I got very little sleep, which I will explain later, but at the same time, my mind is all racing.  He is actually on his way as I speak to you, JOHD.  I am glad my place is a mess, haha, it will make his old dorm room look like Martha Stewart's home!

Lazy Days of Summer

     Er, yesterday was the start of a lasy day.  I chatted, and did a lot of it.  Most noticably would be my NY friend.  At this current time, I give it an 99% chance that I will make it up there.  Just the fact she seems so happy that I would be up there, and what not, has really impacted me.  Haha, JOHD, it is so funny, go zap over and check out her entry from Friday that talks about me.  She types almost as I have been about getting Stingray up here.  I think that in itself impressed me.  (less than three hours, friend!!)

Moch 10+ Please, Hold the Hormons

     I went over to Shell to make my Moch 10.  She was very impatient, and kept messaging me to come over, haha.  Well, I finally did, and made my batch.  It was a smaller container, so, I think I actually made something other than Mock 10, something more powerful.  JOHD, don't correct my spelling!  I know how to spell my own drink, hahaha!!  Sooo... afterwards we played badmitten.  Wow, it had been forever since I have done that, but you know me, a sucker for sports, especially a competitive one.  Before we had gone outside, she was changing her shirt in her basement, and all I can say is she looks darn good in a bra.  Blah... stupid programmed emotions.  We would get teammates in the form of rugrats.  Age 7 or so, and age 4.  I had the 4 year old, and we were still winning.  4 actually ended up being a decent player, when I dropped the birdie (which I kept calling ball, haha) at her.  She was able to catch on quick, and when 4 would slam it past them, I got her to do our "victory" dance, which was me giving her five, her giving me five, and then touching rachettes.  Her friend Jenny (man I know way too many of these, they should start getting numbers) showed up.  She was not bad looking in herself, and I remember her from when she was over moons ago with Shell and a few others, and was drinking one of my Maddian Margaritas.  She was drinking straight from my tequila bottle and got sick, haha, that was funny.  So I am playing against two nice looking ladies, and kept asking myself why I kept thinking that, and checking them out and what have you.  Well, who knows why I do what I do I attempt to tell myself, so I set to smash myself in the liver again.  Stupid liver.

Several Species of Tall Skinny Madd's Gathered Together at a Floyd Show and Grovin' with a Laser

     They would end up taking off to do whatever, and I would go home.  Ah... the power of Floyd.  That was able to rewrite my memory well.  I got home and chatted and what have you, and then got ready for the Floyd show.  I was so excited.  I stopped to get food first, and I made it there in proper time.  Richard, the laserist, was happy to see me again.  I love that feeling of being wanted, and frankly, it sucks, I should not want it at all.  But there is no reason to fight it.  I was, of course, happy to see him.  So we were out in the lounge type area, and he asked if I was going to do the intro, to which I happily said yes.  So, we go into the planetarium, and he give me the queue.  When I gave my speech, I believe there was about 6 or so people there.  My original work I was going to say was not going to work on this vroud, they were too small.  So, the first thing I mention is that this was the smallest Floyd croud I had ever seen in my life.  Hahaha!!  They got a kick out of that, and I am not sure why, it was not really meant to be funny.  After my long intro (yes, JOHD, I did pay homage to Harry and said there was to be no eating, drinking, or shmoking of any kind), the show started, and what a show it was!  This audience was truly alive, and we had some Floydian vets in there, which made me happy during the show.  Also, as it was playing, we would acquire around 5x more people.  That also made me happy.  The one laser that plays from the front to the back, which was broke last time, was working.  Also, Richard was using the projection screen for a few of the shows, and that was pure glorious eye candy for me.  I am sure the others enjoyed it as well, from the screaming and what have you that was going on.  This was one of the better Floyd shows I had ever seen.  It was different than anything before.  There was a lot put into it.  I talked to Richard after the show, and it was a great little chat we would have.  I was saddened that Stingray was unable to make it.  However, I was thinking how I would bring him to the next one.  THERE ARE ONLY THREE SHOWS LEFT FOR THE REST OF 2001!  That made me sad, right when I was getting back into the laser groove.


     I called my Iowa City friend and talked to her on the way home.  I would end up talking to her for 5-6 hours.  Wow, it was wonderful talking to her, but at the same time, a bit frightening.  She had passed one of my tests.  Yes, JOHD, you heard me right.  For the first time ever, a human would pass one of my tests, and this freaked me out.  At one point, I thought she had passed two of them, but later after looking at the results, we would see the one was failed.  She did not understand how she failed the one.  She argued it with me also, attempting to explain her case with me how she felt she passed.  So what does this mean, JOHD?  As a protective measure from the humans, I have tests.  Some are advance warning, and some are just unknown pop tests.  They protect me from the humans, since due to emotional and mental mind sets that would otherwise let them walk all over me, hurt me, and down right kill me.  Had I not known any better, I would have sworn this human was a projection of some mental challenge from long ago.  However, I know that is not the case.  Despite those concerns, we had such a wonder chat with each other.  I was asking her more questions than I have anyone in a long time.  Also, in the background, I had Numb playing.  This meant none of the questions would be dealing of a strong sexual nature.  She mentioned how she could tell the difference from "Floydian Madd" and "regular Madd", since I was not talking of any sexual tone.  Sex was mentioned, but it was light subjects that just came up.  I also got her to answer a close end question about which one she liked best, and I predicted she would say Floydian Madd, and I was right.  We would also have deep down rooted conversations, like the age old question, which makes a better house pet, the cat or the dog.  She claims that cats are not able to show unconditional love.  She says dogs do.  You know, as far as I am concerned, if a dog is showing unconditional love, it is just lonely.  Many dogs just want to be played with, and by any one.  She has a cat that does not give her love, I guess.  Her claim is that cats want you until they are fed, then they go in a corner and hide.  I told her that her cat has some sort of social disorder, haha, she agreed with me.  I mean, I think back to my cat, Wiskers, God rest his soul.  Wiskers loved me.  I think it was unconditional.  He showed more love for me than anyone, would come and sleep with me, chase the bats away from me, protected me.  I never mentioned Wiskers, and I am not sure why.  Oh there was so much more we talked about JOHD, I am not sure I can write it all down.  God was mentioned, and one thing I know of her, is that she is a smart girl.  Very smart, she is just like me in that she is an observer.  I explained how I could relate with being an observer, sitting in a corner during a party, watching people interact, and people going, "What's wrong with Madd?  Why is he quiet?"  Because usually people do think there is something wrong with me when I am not bursting through walls.  They do not realize I am scanning my surroundings and taking everything possible in, analysing it, filing it.  Oh well.  At any rate, we had a good time, and decided that we would meet at the State Fair on the 19th.  It should be most exciting.  There are a lot of aspects of her that are just like me.  She sees a lot of things the way I do, which means, that by observing her, I might learn a little more of myself that I otherwise cannot see due to the hidden panes of my existance.  If her hidden panes are like mine, then it means I will see them through her.  It is good to learn of myself.

Prepping for the Show

     TWO MORE HOURS!!  I think I am going to call it an entry here, JOHD, and go prep for his coming by hitting some Gradius III.  I want to make sure I am not rusty, I have not played my PS for a long time now, since I last played FFIV to be exact.  Master of Maddness, signing off......

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