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My Little Update

Hmm... JOHD, it is close to that time... according to the timer thing, I have 11 hours, 39 minutes, and 20 seconds left to my birtdhay.  I have kinda stoped making a big deal of my birthdays since 25, since that is like the last official age of anything important, until like 65 or whenever I get my senior citizen discount, haha.  However, a few humans seem to press the issue, and even one mentioned it in her journal.  Hmm... I like to hmm... I think it important I make a quick note to the humans.

(note to humans)

Gizmo and myself appear to no longer be talking to each other.  At this point, I think it more of a friendly resolve as opposed to attempts at murder towards each other.  However, I have suspision to believe possibly slight fowl play on his side.  This is something that requires further investigation.  By friendly resolve, I mean we can be at the same place at the same time, I just no longer associate with him, as he no longer does with me.  There will be much more on this later for the humans wanting to know

On a side note, for anyone with any track record of Gretl and myself, we are on speaking terms, and we are seeing each other (as in friends and talking and the like).  It appears she has resolved her break.


Hmm... there is that hmm again.  I actually got up before 12p today, and I think I am happy about that.  Also, it is nice to be hearing from Alienesse again.  I duley miss the conversations that we use to have together, even though the majority of them were serious/deep in nature, and I know I am not one to converse serious for long periods of times, however I enjoyed doing so with her.  Maybe she will stick around for a while.  It really does not seem like tomorrow is that so-called special day.  I think it is because, every second I am getting older, and every day some new and interesting/strange/twisted information is coming along my path.  The procrastination issue I have had changed massively, JOHD.  I think I have actually had myself programmed to not do certain things, and the rest just deals with a fatigue level.  I think it is time to go on an exercise plan.  Seeing as how my heart apparently is not going to explode on contact as originally planned, and the fact my life expectincy is no longer 42, I might want to do something now while I can, eh?  After all, I might break another foot, hehe.

JOHD, I fear that much information to you is lost, and I mean lost in the sense of never coming back.  I am going to have to assess the information, however, it appears from the visit to the land of Yeast and Cheese™ to present day there are large gaps of information, and I mean IMPORTANT information.  Some, that is not down, is still salvagable.  Apparently, the brain has not totally given out on me, and I think that the change in life style has helped this out massively.  However, some information, even important-Madd-wants-to-know information, may be gone.  The reason I say the procrastination has changed, is that I am not procrastinating everything as I use to.  I actually am getting things done.  However, remembering to do everything is still not working correctly.  I have not been talking to Morphian at all of late, something very bad of me.  I must remember to get to a place that has a stylus since his is definately lost and gone forever at Juan's place.  Or maybe the street, or wherever else it might be.  Hmm... that reminds me, time to make a note to get my insurance back since it appears to be gone since 030801, haha.  I think it funny when I inquired a few days why I cannot access information, that they write me an email saying the policy was not paid so it was dropped, and NO one even bothered to send an email, call, or anything else to get the new credit card number from me.  Dumb, asses... I think it is time to switch companies and drop Progressive like a kidney stone.

Oh yeah, must figure out a way to get Stingray his special presents... stupid FTP problems {kick}.

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