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Nov 27th, 2003

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03:58 - :D
High, JOHD... how are you?  I'm lonely... don't worry... it will pass, it will.  lonliness is a human condition passed on to you by human, haha.  Yeah... um... so what is up?  JOHD, I am sorry that I have failed you, I really am.  I really do not mean to lose almost two months of data.  You know, I think you might have adult ADD.  Okay, I mean I think I may have adult ADD.  I was watching TV, and this commercial came on.  It had this female... and I think she was in a board meeting... and all this stuff started to flash before her, and of the things said, this guy started talking, about a mind being like a TV with a remote control, and how the human was not in control of the remote... that so sounded like you, Madd.  It seems, at times, you are just not in in control of our remote... and you know... screw those adult ADD drugs, really... if you can fix your own darn heart... if you can correct what cannot be corrected... you can correct any ADD or any other issue you have... even though I must admit, wow, that commercial so sounded like yourself.  Someone flipping the channels of your mind... the reason you do not remember to send simple hello's and the like.  Eh... you are improving, and I have faith in you.  Does not matter what the humans think, it does not, only your own self.  Only you, Maddness, for only you have to spend every waking day with your not-so-average self.  I know at this point you can beat any medical condition.  I have faith in you, and I just... well... have faith.

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[User Picture]
Date:Nov 27th, 2003 04:45 (UTC)
That's really odd...

because I watched the same commercial and thought of you too. *grin*

I did, and I ALSO thought of ME.

However, I don't have the kind of faith you do in my own healing powers, and really not in the mind... so I'd be more likely to rely on the crutch of drugs.

I remember the drugs they put me on for ADD a while back.

They were GOOOOOOD drugs.

So, anyway.


[User Picture]
Date:Nov 27th, 2003 11:20 (UTC)
sweet, I do not have to depend on Floyd infomercials (something I really miss :`( )to have someone watch a commercial and think of me yay!

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