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Power of the Mind

Wow... the heart, to my knowledge, has no regenerative abilities.  If there are problems with the heart, many times those problems would stay that way... so I thought.  Well, JOHD, I called Dr Cid... and... all the problems that I had with my heart before, the thin aorta... floppy valvue... hole in the upper chamber... gone.  Just like that, they are all gone.  Should I be flipped out?  I mean... it would be like finding out I have HIV one day and years later it is found it is utterly destroyed... or... maybe my biology is way off, and whatever it is I thought I learned about heart tissue is wrong.  That or someone, who had been slipping in faith of the mind, really still (or did) have the talent to fix what is not meant to be fixed.  Eh, God could have helped, let's not skip any posibilities.  Hahaha, or all that weed I shmoked back in the day did something for me.  Who knows... maybe 42 is not my time limit after all.  Speaking of time limit, JOHD friend, 13 days 11 hours, 48 minutes and 10 seconds left.

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