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Yay Stability

While I was not able to down the 4lb burger (that bun seemed like 3 times the size of everything else), I was able to get a nice and stable mind back.  Yay for stability.  Why in the world is that not a mood?  I cannot help but wonder, however, that Mr Gizmo, best friend 3, has been avoiding the topic of conversation of me to his new interest.  I mean, the cats out, and Reality is made, it is her, and he claims to live by the rule of if *I* had any problems or did not approve of him dating her (chicks before dicks rule) that he would back down in a second.  So... why is he not acting like it?  Hmm... I cannot help but think this behavior most... self-serving.  Ah yes, too much psychology fully at work, haha.  However... could I end up losing yet another best friend?  That would not be a very quick raine in power.  However, if I am going to be spending the future with this man, as a roomate to a house, I think it important I know what I am getting myself into.

(note to humans)

Oh yes, I would like to give a quick thanks to some special humans, notable Lacy and dITZ.  I appriciate the chatting last night.  To the others, I give thanks as well.  Also, a very big thanks to Gretl who helped me with finding something I was not going to find any time soon.  Despite the time apart we are about to embark on, she responded to a page of extreme urgancy (it is not in memories as "Rant"), which also lead to me first finding the December entry "Bug Juice".  Two bits of information relating to Capp.  So a large thanks to her, for that helped put my mind at a bit more piece.

Oh and a large thanks to everyone.  I have by no means, JOHD, been attempting to throw a pity party or anything, however I have been getting a rather decent amount of comments on my current "female PMS mood swings" of late.  I do appricate the comments, and I appricate the chats and the off-line messages.


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