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I Stand Corrected - JOHD

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Nov 17th, 2003

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05:16 - I Stand Corrected
I read not anything for tonight... I am too tired... however, apparently not too tired for SSBM.  Something about old school video games give me hope.  My left shine thing hurts.  This is a pain similar to 10 years ago that lead me to doctors, who would inform me I might have Marfan's syndrome.  Toads... I posted how I had let at least every friend down, yet, I stand very corrected.  Gizmo stated, that I had not let him down.  Despite the one time he let me down, choosing women over me, I have not ever turned around and let him down.  I asked him over and over, since I was sure there had to be something I did, however, he stood by his claim that I had done nothing, thus, my previous statement, JOHD, I retract, since I found one human who has not been let down.  I may not be as much of a failure as I thought then.
Current Mood: tiredtired
Current Music: "Hyrule Castle" - SSBM (BGM)

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