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Want Salad with that? - JOHD

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Nov 14th, 2003

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11:47 - Want Salad with that?
Well, JOHD... turns out nothing is wrong with my leg, JUST as expected.  If there is one thing I believe I still know, it is my body... and to that, my lipid tests came back.  Seems that I have high cholesterol.  I am at 227, JOHD, and the range is 120 - 200.  Dr Sidney stated that I have three months to lower it "naturally" before she hooks me up to meds.  {sigh} You know, JOHD... for all my life, I just stuck things in my mouth (literally, like from bar floors and the like).  I never really paid attention to what was going in, unless it was moving, or smelt worse than my underwear.  So here I am, 28, and here I am, with high cholesterol.  This is very typical, I mean very.  This is how Marfan's was first thought possible in me.  Some ten+ years ago I go in for my knees, wondering why they are in the pain they are, and I end up leaving with my heart and everything else looked at.  So, being the strange being I am, here I go, actually starting to look at ways to improve my health.  I must say, I am rather impressed and proud of myself.  Of late, I have managed to start taking care of myself (going to the doctor, quitting shmoking, etc), and am fighting to take back what belongs to me, my mind.  I am battling procrastination, and I am starting to win.  Yeah I have my off days, but you can't make an egg sandwich without breaking a few cows for free.  Oh, my trglycerides are at 167.  Range is 0-200.  My HDL Cholesterol is 42, with acceptable range 40-62.  My LDL cholesterol is 152.  This varies with age.  Being the "young" bird I am, I am told this is fine.  So everything else does check out rather well.  So changes are going to be made... my word, I looked at a bag of chips before eating them to check what the cholesterol content was (it was 0%, yay for that).  I know for a long time, I stated that life is nothing more than a ride to death.  Not even taxes are a certainty (humans can find ways around it).  Death, however, is inevitable.  I guess I would rather my trip be a decent one.  I guess that is the reason I am the way I am towards other humans.  Doing my best to spread joy one Reality at a time.  Hey JOHD, 35304 minutes left until my birthday, yay for me!  It is on a Monday, which is when I was actually born on.  I still have much work to do, JOHD, and unfortunately very few humans are helping me with it.  I guess it is fitting, that the one who best take care of me actually be Madd.  I am the only one who cannot escape myself.  Everyone else can, or has found a way.  Everyone has better defenses against myself.  I have the weakest, the recorse for knowing what I am normally thinking.  Stupid brain.  Oh yeah, once again I am opting to remove swearing from my vocabulary, minus artistic purposes.  I still do not believe in censorship.  I feel semi tired, and I hope if I work on my site some how it will spark energy in me.  Once my foot is recovered I believe it would be good to attempt an exercise routine.  I figure if I can take care of the body that way, other things (brain) will follow suit.  I would like to thank John/sub, who last night, as my last and longest call, gave me the affirmations that I rarely hear from other customers for the work I do.  Thank you for appriciating what I was able to contribute to your life.
Current Mood: determineddetermined
Current Music: "Atom Heart Mother" - Pink Floyd, "Atom Heart Mother"

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