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Candy Messanger - JOHD

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Nov 10th, 2003

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02:41 - Candy Messanger
I am tired... and have plegued my existance to the world long enough, for now it is time for sleep, haha.  Philosophy or other, did not matter.

Trust no one, but me, Scully.

Oh before I sleep... Madd... please remember to talk about the rules of tipping, and customer service and what it really means since the money evil BJ people have no clue, thanks!

The thing that wigs me the most about trex is that she may be a he, haha...
Current Mood: tiredtired
Current Music: "Zelda 2 - Temple Trippin' - OC Remix" - LaRux

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[User Picture]
Date:Nov 13th, 2003 18:15 (UTC)
whoa - trippy icon
[User Picture]
Date:Nov 15th, 2003 13:29 (UTC)
thank you, thank you much

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