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Back Stage Bottle Openers

[Madd's World Update]
-Calandar-O-Maddness; scedule changes up to Auguest 18th, 2001.

"I like her because she sleeps above her covers... 4 feet above her covers"

Play That Fricking Music White Boy

     Some times it gets annoying that my computer wants to play the same songs over and over.  I mean, I have many great tunes, why play the same thing over again, unless it is Floyd, of course.  Because like, I hear a song, and like 9 songs later, there it is again.  I mean, I think in 109 hours of music, we could hit a few of those rare ones.  Man, I feel like my computer has turned into a radio station that I have no control over, haha.  Well, I do have dibs on the fast forward button.  Plus, my computer seems to get more and more unstable each day.  It already crashes on an almost regular basis when I use certain programs, and I am sure it is not the programs, and the whole fact I cannot shut down my computer just annoys me.  Oh well, there is always a bucket of water... that is the other thing besides duct tape that fixes everything.

Last Call

     Oh my, I feel a little drunk, haha.  Wanting to sleep is a better term, however, because I have to be up at 0800a.  Boo to me being nice to other people and trading with them.  Aye, I am getting exponetially drunk now.  I still can hit my backspace key, JOHD, even though I am hitting it more and more.  Ah, my own special blend.  This should work well in putting me to sleep, since I am not use to sleeping and stuff so early.  It will suck when I go into training and have to work 0800a - 0500p.  I am not looking forward to that, even if I will have all weekends off as I am working it.  Oh well, at least I still have a job.

The Games that Little Madd's Play

     Okay, so, let me see.  I went to work.  I was quiet, and did not really realize it, however, my neighbor who I usually harrass wanted to know what was wrong with me.  She is Sheri, and she is at least old enough to be my mother, that much I know.  Well, I enjoy picking on her, as much as she enjoys the attention, you know, like any human enjoys attention.  That is fine, I also enjoy attention.  However, I realized what I had been thinking about and the reason I had goen so quiet.  I was daydreaming of a friend of mine.  It has been a while since I had.  It was what I call a full fantasization.  That will be defined in my web page definition page soon enough.  That reminds me, friend, I really got to get my ass to update that, haha.  So, I found myself in a world which I had not been in quite some time.  I mean, it was of a person who I had met not too long ago, and I realize more of myself.  I see how a new Reality that I meet has the possibility to spark a full range of fantasies in my mind.  I guess the mental stimulation give my brain a work out for a while.  I remember in the past how this use to happen a lot more frequent.  I mean, at some point in my life, I could meet someone, and would have a full fantasy pattern with them in a matter of hours.  I have become more defined since then, but, I do see some of that past still present in my present.  In the past, it is something that could last for a few months, then it would "go away" and I would either have met a new Reality, or, I would have just passed on to something different.  Well, it had also been a long while since I had done this.  I realize most people would not understand what a fantasy I have consists of, JOHD, but I know you do, the reason I tell you about it.  Give it time, and I am sure it will pass like all others.  That is the way it works.  Oh yeah, and in regards to work, there were a few long calls I had.  Blah.  Oh well, it was soon over, and there I was going over to Blondino's.

The Singing Duo

     So, I drove over to Blondino's.  His one kid at some point, the older of the two, said, "mommy I do not like that guy".  hEhEhE!!  That was me he was talking about!  I do believe his name is Joanus, or something spelled similar.  I said, pointing to the younger one, "Well, I do not care, this one likes me, and that is all that matters".  It was true, he did like me.  He was attmepting to make calls on my cell, and he kept giving me my hat that I would set down, and I was so into talking to him, it was great, made me want to go out and get someone pregnant.  So I was able to install his CDr.  It was easy, since I had to take out his old CD-ROM, since he had a mini-tower, there was no room for two drives.  This made switching one with another as easy as me drinking beer.  Oh yeah, he got me a bottle of... um, a thing called "Smirnofs".  I am sure I spelled that wrong, but it was really good.  Had a tang flavor to it.  Not as good as what I make, and what I am drinking now, mwahaha!!  Blondino made me food.  He also told me some Qwest tech stories, man, they were so kick ass to hear.  The really interesting part of all this, was when I had left, and before I got in my car, he shook my hand, THEN, he went to hug me, like, he really really did miss me.  I could tell he did.  It was cool.  I could not believe it, and of course, I am not one to deny a hug to someone I care about, and Blondino is someone who has made a place in my heart.  So huggin him was no problem, and I was all giggling afterwards while I was in my car.

Leaving on a Southern Train

     So I am home now.  I think I am going to start referencing people by the pets they have, or at one point, had.  I will see how this works.  If it does not work, oh well, so be it.  Never again will I even think of pissing off anyone who works for the phone company, hahaha!!  Mwahaha!!  Beware the wrath of anyone who knows your phone number.  HEY THERE MR MUSLUM, MERRY FUCKING CHRISTMAS!! PUT DOWN THE BOoK THE KORAN, AND HEAR SOME HOLIDAY WISHES! IN CASE YOU HAVEN'T NOTICED, IT'S JESUS' BIRTHDAY. SO GET OFF YOUR HEITHAN MUSLAN ASS AND FUCKING CELEBRATE!  hEhEhE!!   Whoa!  Ah!  hEhEhE, that song did have to come on didn't it.  Man... I had to add the drunk part to my mood, because it is really kicking me, but I am able to type still.  That is good, since I am not going to bed yet.  Damnit.  I was tired, but I am not getting tired now.  I am chatting with humans.  Some are sad, some are... ah.. horny, haha!  Some are just plain not there anymore, and others are a bit out of the norm.  Man, I am drunk, I shoud be tired again or something.  Now this is a good song.  I like remade killer Zelda songs.  Sweet... now I get Castlevania.  I think I should attempt to bed, what do you think JOHD?  What do you mean I am not wearing pants?  Oh yeah, haha... take care, friend, I shall chat with you soon.  Master of Maddness, signing off......

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